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NRI financial database solution *

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NRI's integrated data service (IDS) offers domestic and overseas economic, financial, corporation and securities information that can be used for various purposes including investment analysis, market value valuation, and risk management. Under the service, NRI not only provide clients with IDS data but also appropriate solutions with which NRI's experienced data analyst team supports clients in solving issues relating to the use of the data.

*For your business in Japan.


The vigorous spread of PCs, smartphones and tablets makes it easy to view market data in various ways. This, however, also causes an overflow of information, and as a consequence, it is difficult to find out appropriate data that precisely meets your needs. To solve this issue, IDS provides appropriate data with accurate understanding of client needs and data definitions using NRI's expertise in financial information analysis nurtured over the years.


Banks, Asset management companies, Trust banks, Financial market data vendors, Life insurance companies, Universities and research institutes


Use of NRI's database

Many of NRI's solutions that support clients' mission-critical operations such as e-AURORA, STAR, T-STAR, I-STAR and BESTWAY are linking to IDS data. Clients can use IDS's accurate and proven data services through such solutions.

Easy to establish a data receiving environment

When using IDS (standard), clients can choose the ISDN dial-up networks or other Internet connection for FTP to receive data. It is only necessary to prepare data transmission devices such as receiver machines and routers for FTP access.

Swift response to regulatory changes

IDS (standard) provides data transmission services promptly and precisely reflecting regulatory changes. Past examples include Companies Act 2006, a new JASDAQ market launched in 2007, outright sales of FBs and TBs to treasury discount bills in 2008, introduction of electronic stock certificates in 2009, OSE/JASDAQ merger in 2010, IFRS introduction in 2011, and the expansion of TSE's arrowhead system in 2012.

How it works

Supporting mark- to-market accounting for banking and business sectors

IDS provides a wide range of securities market value information necessary for mark-to-market accounting.

Database details

  • Market values of listed stocks on domestic stock exchanges
    Market value data of listed stocks, bonds, futures and options on domestic stock exchanges
  • JS Price
    JS Price is a bond price evaluated and calculated jointly by Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., Nikkei, Inc. and Financial Technology Research Institute, Inc. Under current value accounting, bond valuation requires higher accuracy. JS Price provides benchmark prices for bond valuation, reflecting the trading status of each bond including issuance and distribution conditions, remaining periods and credibility.
    Prices are calculated based on consistent logics and rational approaches. The adequacy of calculation methods and accuracy of prices are under strict supervision, thus offering the price indicator with good consistency and coherence.
  • Reference prices for over-the-counter straight bonds transactions on domestic stock exchanges
    Reference prices on the basis of reference bond trading statistics published by the Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA).
    Prices are calculated based on quotations reflecting over-the-counter bond transactions reported by reporting members appointed by the JSDA.
  • Market values of over-the-counter straight bonds s on domestic stock exchanges (referenced prices)
    For over-the-counter straight bonds on domestic stock exchanges for which reference prices are not published, prices are calculated based on the yields of bonds for which reference prices are published and whose types and remaining periods are similar to the above bonds.
  • Nomura i-Port data transfer service
    i-Port price data of stocks registered on Nomura Securities' i-Port system is transferred to clients who use the investment analysis service and the integrated risk management service of i-Port yen-denominated bond MIS menu.
  • NRI execution market information service
    This information service assists brokerage firms in selecting execution markets under their best execution policy. Clients can easily conduct time-series analysis by using time-series data of execution markets with change histories, without bothering section transfers such as alteration from Mothers to 1st/2nd section and assignment to 1st section from 2nd section.
    Securities data includes stocks, bonds with warrants, mutual funds, etc. listed on domestic financial instruments exchange. Execution markets for these products are selected daily with NRI's unique calculation methodology. Brokerage firms can also use a PDF file format to disclose best execution market information of each stock to their investors.

    NRI's policy on execution market selection (Japanese Website)


IDS (standard)

NRI's data analysts with broad experience of the industry collect and manage data from various sources such as stock exchanges, industry organizations, statistics bureaus, and data vendors. Appropriate data is provided for clients who need regular data-updating (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) for their businesses. IDS also offers value added data such as those processed from the primary data of stock prices and financial figures, as well as indices and theoretical prices.
For clients who wish to obtain data at low cost with ease of use, instead of regularly obtaining data via network connection, there is an option of IDS-DISC that provides data in CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.


In addition to IDS (standard) services, IDS-QE offers services for configuring and operating clients' database. NRI's database engineers support clients in all aspects of database management from designing and configuration through to daily operations. By outsourcing these operations to NRI, clients can concentrate on their main businesses.


IDS-DMS provides optional services tailored to clients' needs from customizing data to outsourcing of data management.

Examples of IDS-DMS services

  • Stock cross-reference management (linking IDS-DMS unique codes with standard codes, provision of data with IDS-DMS unique codes)
  • Data-format customizing
  • Processing original data to secondary data
  • Consulting for data management and market data cost-cutting
  • Data cleansing outsourcing


IDS-VA provides valuation consulting and analytical data distribution services for distinctive and complex financial products such as securitized products, structured bonds and exotic derivatives.

Examples of IDS-VA services

  • Market value valuation services:
    Theoretical prices, scenario prices, and risk sensitivity of complex financial products that are evaluated and calculated based on NRI's logics
  • Market value calculation outsourcing:
    Theoretical prices, scenario prices, and risk sensitivity of complex financial products that are calculated by NRI on behalf of clients using their logics
  • Consensus spread service:
    Discount spreads of securitized products are provided as consensus spreads calculated based on data collected from major institutional investors and brokerage firms through questionnaires.


The Basel III regulation calls for banks to report regulatory capital to Financial Services Agency, and asset managers are expected to assist the banks with their reporting process. The data needed by banks is often difficult for asset managers to generate. IDS-BIS enables asset managers to easily create the data needed to meet banks' information requirements and increases the efficiency and quality of reporting operations.

*IDS(Integrated Data Services) is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of March 2022. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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