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Order Management

for Asset Managers

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NRI's integrated order management system (OMS) for institutional investors promotes straight-through processing (STP) by providing various front-office operations such as position cash management, compliance checks, automated post-trade management and management of sub-advisory funds.


  • Cash Monitor

    The system allows full control over cash movement and balance management by efficiently calculating cash projection figures.

  • Portfolio Monitor

    Fund managers are able to monitor their portfolio activities through allocation status and order creation updates.

  • Cash Management

    The system manages the cash flow within portfolios to create and manage hedges in order to reduce risk. In addition, clients are able to test various strategies, including fund of funds (FoF) and foreign exchange simulations.

  • Trading

    NRI’s flexible OMS integrates with various execution management systems for STP capabilities. Clients also have access to real-time market data for fast trade execution.

  • Compliance

    In order to ensure clients meet various regional regulatory requirements, NRI’s OMS offers a wide range of thorough compliance solutions, including pre- and post-trade checks.

  • Outsourcing Management

    The system provides a trade capture option through SWIFT. In addition, clients can integrate and manage all of their existing portfolios from the OMS.

  • Fee Management

    In order to ensure accurate billing, the OMS provides options to calculate accumulated brokerages fees and assign appropriate fee to each broker involved.

  • Reference Data

    NRI’s OMS stores prices and reference information for multiple asset classes, including foreign exchange rates, subscription and redemption data, corporate action data, holiday data by currency and data by exchanges.


  • Promote internal STP
  • Promote external STP
  • Simple and easy to use with visual control
  • Reduce clients’ burden of system maintenance by taking the ASP-based approach
  • Customized for various types of workflows
  • Multiple languages

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