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SmartBridge Advance

STP platform solution for asset managers *

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SmartBridge Advance is a solution designed for asset managers. This offers a complete platform for institutional investors with the functions of an order management system (OMS), cash position management by front offices, and automated post trade management.

*For your business in Japan.


In addition to OMS functions, SmartBridge Advance offers various front-office solutions including fund manager support services, compliance checks, execution management (automated post-trade management), and outsourced operation management.
The platform has excellent flexibility and expandability built with the latest rich client/real-time messaging technologies at the core, offering an optimal operation environment to meet the diversifying needs of clients. It also enables seamless integration with other solutions of T-STAR series, achieving more sophisticated support services.
Since SmartBridge Advance is an ASP solution, its services and system integration can be carried out at NRI's data centers, thus reducing clients' burden of system administration and maintenance.


Asset management companies, trust banks, life insurance companies


1. Promoting internal straight-through processing (STP)

  1. Offering the same platform for fund managers, traders, and staff in charge of post-trade operations (up to back-office system connection)
  2. Sharing the progress of each process by viewing front-office data and using the progress monitoring function
  3. Introducing the system smoothly by automatically connecting to back-office systems (T-STAR/TX, RX) and the fund subscription/redemption information network (Fundweb)

    * For conventional front-office systems, clients need to develop peripheral subsystems (including EUC) which may increase costs and burden derived from such operations as system requirement definitions.

  4. Realizing a solution that can handle cash position management and automated post-trade management, which were considered difficult to incorporate into a system
  5. Connecting to back-office systems for balance data and direct execution notification, as well as comprehensively managing performance attribution (between front-office, mutual fund back-office, and investment advisory back-office systems) focusing on the characteristics of data
  6. Cash position management function assists investment decision-making and compliance checks by providing precise data
  7. Automated post-trade management function conducts automatic position matching and code conversion at the time of settlement of foreign exchanges and futures, as well as direct execution notification to back-office systems

2. Promoting external STP

  1. Supporting external STP and enabling SWIFT data exchange by directly connecting to vendors' EMS systems in addition to SmartBridge, a STP network solution for securities trading

3. Simple and easy to use with visual control

  1. Intuitive button-based input interface
  2. Easy to check operational errors and progress by monitoring the status

4. Reducing clients' burden of system maintenance by taking the ASP-based approach

  1. An ASP-based system accessible with office PCs
  2. Automatic remote upgrading in case of a modification, thus reducing clients' burden of system maintenance

5. Customizing for various types of workflows

  1. SmartBridge Advance can be customized by combining necessary functions tailored to clients' business features, such as outsourced operation management and foreign exchange management.

How it works

  • Easy formulation of and integration with a wide range of front-office systems
  • Not only promoting STP solutions, SmartBridge Advance also offers necessary functions for clients to manage compliance so as to help them in making investment decision based on accurate balance data as well as checking compliance status, thus achieving better work efficiency and less operational risks
  • Automatic data-link function is included as standard for automatically transmitting data to back-office systems or NRI's solutions such as Fundweb
  • Post-trade management is automated, conforming to the accounting systems of mutual funds and investment advisory, with the function of direct execution notification to back-office systems
  • Functions of outsourced operation management and foreign exchange management
  • A complete STP solution can be realized within the scope of operation processes shown below


SmartBridge Advance is a shared 'application service provider (ASP)' service offered through application servers at NRI's data centers.

Standard functions

  • Cash position management by front offices
  • Order management system (OMS)
  • Execution management (automated post-trade management)
  • Compliance checks
  • Progress monitoring

User-configurable functions

  • Display settings (display/non-display settings of items; sort-order settings)
  • Format settings for importing and saving files
  • Settings for code conversion tables

*SmartBridge Advance is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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