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Communication hub for asset management firms and trust banks *

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SYNTAX is a network solution designed for asset managers and trust banks. This allows custodian banks to electronically disclose their trust accounts' status to their sponsors, and supports effective data disclosure between disclosing users and receiving users.

*For your business in Japan.


SYNTAX is a solution to support effective online disclosure of trust accounts' status managed by asset managers. Various investment management data including transaction status and outstanding balances are disclosed to sponsors and investment advisors through the SYNTAX network.
Using SYNTAX, custodian banks can send data to multiple receiving users with a single line. Likewise, sponsors and investment advisors can receive data from multiple custodian banks in a single system environment, thus allowing them to use the data effectively. SYNTAX ensures a high level of security for its users with advanced encryption and authentication technologies.


For users who disclose data such as asset servicing firms and life insurance companies
For users who referene data such as asset managers and pension funds


1. Products and transactions under the SYNTAX disclosure system

SYNTAX handles the data disclosure regarding various products and transactions using an industry standard format

  1. Securities transactions, interests, redemptions, dividends and capital increases
  2. Call loans and other short-term products
  3. Futures and options transactions
  4. Changes in principal (including interests added to principal)
  5. Foreign exchange transactions (outward/inward foreign-currency remittance; foreign exchange forwards)
  6. Fund costs (fees, management costs)

2. Use of an industry standard data format

SYNTAX provides an industry standard format for data disclosure, taking into account possible future changes. The format can be flexibly used in various systems, without limiting to the use in specific analysis/management systems. SYNTAX also adopts codes easily recognized and generally accepted by the industry.

  1. Stock code: ISIN code
  2. Institution code: BIC code or SICC code
  3. Country/currency: ISO code

How it works

※What is "SYNTAX on T-MONOLIX"?

  • SYNTAX on T-MONOLIX is a service using a shared system (including hardware) operated and managed at NRI's data centers. While maintaining the same functions of standard SYNTAX solution installed on the client side, this has been developed to be used among multiple data-disclosing companies.
  • Operating procedure for SYNTAX on T-MONOLIX is almost the same as that of SYNTAX installed on the client side. NRI manages servers.
  • NRI's data centers, where SYNTAX on T-MONOLIX and other banking clients' systems are operated, are under strict security control, ensuring the reliable protection of clients' data.
  • SYNTAX Circular Download enables T-STAR/GX on T-MONOLIX to retrieve and process data within NRI's data center, eliminating application requirements for receiving users.


For users who disclose data

  • SYNTAX manages all disclosing data with a single server. When adding new receiving users, disclosing users simply register the data of new users on the screen.
  • Network connection to receiving users is handled at NRI's network centers; therefore, disclosing users do not have to worry about complicated network settings and testing as the number of receiving users increases.
  • Disclosing users can view disclosing data at their office and, by configuring a LAN connection for disclosure in the office, they can also use the data download function for end-user computing (EUC).

For users who reference data

  • Receiving users can obtain disclosing data using a web browser (Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge). It is easy to receive data from custodian banks with simple operations commonly used for web-based services.
  • To receive data, it is only necessary to have an operating system environment with Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge and network connection. There is no need to install expensive hardware or special applications.
  • Receiving users can access to multiple custodian banks in the same system environment. There is no need to configure a new environment even when the number of custodian banks providing disclosing data increases. Disclosing data can be obtained seamlessly from different custodian banks within the same browser screen.
  • SYNTAX has some other functions such as collective data acquisition from multiple disclosing users, automatic data acquisition at regular intervals, and import of data into an internal database (Circular Download Function).
  • Receiving users can use functions for data conversion to create import files and data matching for T-STAR/RX system if they are using the T-STAR/RX service.

*SYNTAX is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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