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Cloud-based service for asset management firms *

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T-MONOLIX is a cloud-based service that supports asset managers looking to transform their businesses.

*For your business in Japan.


The T-MONOLIX framework, which employs both management automation technology and virtualization technology to operate cloud services, makes it possible for customers to more efficiently use NRI's various asset management solutions.

Offered Solutions on T-MONOLIX

  1. T-STAR/TX
  2. T-STAR/RX
  3. T-STAR/GX
  4. SmartBridge
  5. SmartBridge Advance
  6. FundWeb Transfer
  7. FundWeb Library
  8. T-STAR/Report Assist


asset management firms


Greater security, fault tolerance and disaster resistance

T-MONOLIX infrastructure is hosted in NRI's robust data centers, providing a stable system.
NRI guarantees the security of its data centers by providing a backup environment in case of system disruptions, advanced security and other features. NRI also links with remote sites so that even during disasters, clients can continue to use NRI's various core services further promoting business continuity.

A complete suite of solutions

With the T-MONOLIX framework, NRI provides a complete suite of solutions that includes not only applications, databases, networks and other infrastructure, but also numerous operational and infrastructure services.
NRI eliminates the need for each asset managers to create their own environment by providing scalable SaaS solutions.

Managing TCO increases and increasing added value

NRI strives to integrate traditionally separate system costs to reduce TCO* by bundling various services into an integrated T-MONOLIX offering. NRI also strives to increase the added value for customers' operations by reinforcing the links between NRI's various services.

*Total cost of ownership (TCO) refers to the total cost of a computer system, including the costs of introducing, maintaining, and operating the system.

How it works

The name T-MONOLIX is derived from the word "monolith," which brings to mind images of an object of monumental proportions. The name represents the offering's strongly linked features; the robust services that provide peace of mind, including safety, fault tolerance and disaster resistance; and continual evolution that keeps pace with the development of our customers' businesses and industry needs.


Offering a robust security environment: multiple data centers

NRI owns and operates three data centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area and two in Osaka . Each data center offers high security and reliability to protect customers' information assets from various threats.

Offering a robust network: T-MONOLIX network

A network with a single carrier or platform poses the risk of distributing damage to the entire users once an accident occurs. To avoid this, the T-MONOLIX network that connects asset managers and NRI's data centers has redundant capacity to offer secure and reliable access to the centers' functions.

Strengthened IT control: T-MONOLIX portal

NRI's T-MONOLIX portal site allows customers easy access to all T-MONOLIX solutions.

Customers can:

  1. view latest news, reports and manuals for services available on the T-MONOLIX portal.
  2. access to each service through the Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication process on the T-MONOLIX portal.

In this way, T-MONOLIX provides customers with better IT control and convenience.

Offering a cloud-based platform: PaaS

T-MONOLIX offers high compatibility with NRI's SaaS applications such as T-STAR. This allows customers to more effectively use T-MONOLIX as their cloud-based business platform by sharing their files and managing EIC/EUD (End User Computing/Development) and databases. It also provides professional services such as business outsourcing and system operation monitoring.

Offering a centralized management function: data management system

T-MONOLIX comprehensively manages data obtained from various information vendors, instead of managing it by individual systems, thereby ensuring efficient data management operations.
The centralized data management system allows T-MONOLIX to make composite function offering and thus to increase added value of customers' data management operations, such as distributing data for each service, validating data by cross-checking and monitoring workflows to improve the accuracy of operation processes.

Transforming into a new business style: paperless office solutions

T-MONOLIX supports customers to establish a paperless office by, for example, providing data-link services between companies as an alternative to the delivery of paper-based documents.

*T-MONOLIX is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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