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Data warehouse, performance measurement and attribution for asset management firms *

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T-STAR/GX is a solution designed for asset managers and trust banks. This connects data of back-office systems such as T-STAR/TX, T-STAR/RX, and SYNTAX as well as market data platforms, allowing clients to view the portfolio management status of a wide range of funds (including investment management companies and investment advisors) and conduct performance analysis.

*For your business in Japan.


T-STAR/GX offers various functions, based on back-office/market data, such as calculation of time-weighted rate of return; performance attribution analysis; viewing of balances, transactions, rates of return, etc. from various angles (by asset class/sector/stock type); report documentation; compliance checks; and disclosure documentation for major sponsors. This aims to support front- and middle-office operations of portfolio management for asset managers (investment advisors, investment management companies, trust banks, pension funds and other sponsors), thus providing comprehensive support for the Plan-Do-See cycle in asset management business.


Asset management firms, Trust banks, Life insurance company, and sponsors.


1. Sharing of data warehouse for front- and middle-office operations of investment management companies and investment advisors

T-STAR/GX connects data of multiple systems such as back-office solutions for investment management companies (T-STAR/TX and some third-party solutions) and those for investment advisors (T-STAR/RX), and investment management disclosure solutions (SYNTAX). These data are managed on a shared data warehouse, thus allowing clients to comprehensively trace the performance status of each portfolio.

2. Standardization

When downloading data, T-STAR/GX uses a SYNTAX data format that NRI standardized in cooperation with data-disclosing companies. This enables the standardization of data as well as cash flows necessary for calculation of rates of return.
It offers the functions of calculation of rates of return and factor attribution analysis, which are used by many of our clients including fund sponsors.

3. Intuitive operability

Basically, T-STAR/GX uses Microsoft Excel as a user interface, offering clients the operability close to that of familiar Excel tools. Obtained data such as portfolio performance data can be directly used on Excel worksheets for subsequent operations.

4. Enhanced functions

  • Clients can use a function to automatically create disclosure documents for fund sponsors and valuation institutions. The function will also accommodate the changes of document formats used for specific sponsors and valuation institutions.
  • T-STAR/GX offers the calculation function for large portfolio using a daily valuation method (daily exact method) and the operation support function complying with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).
  • For investment funds, T-STAR/GX offers the following functions, but not limited to:
    • Automated disclosure documentation, which includes standard items necessary for monthly and weekly disclosures for securities investment trust sales companies
    • Performance attribution analysis for investment funds' net asset values, by account title contribution, asset class contribution, sector contribution, and securities type contribution
    • Support compliance procedures for Japan's unique rules of investment trusts such as the 17th clause of invest trust regulation which addresses the diversification of investment in derivative trading to mitigate credit risk concentration.
  • T-STAR/GX converts the formats of various investment trusts to T-STAR/GX's unified format, enabling clients to upload the data on T-STAR/GX and execute look-through on foreign investment funds as well as securities positions of other investment trusts.

How it works

  • Automated data-link function (included as standard) linking to NRI's solutions such as T-STAR/TX, T-STAR/RX and SYNTAX
  • Viewing the portfolio management status of a wide range of funds (including investment management companies and investment advisors) and conducting performance analysis
  • Pre-and-after compliance-check function using data on a shared data warehouse
  • Performance analysis function using various data (index data distribution, etc.) automatically obtained through coordination with NRI's integrated data service (IDS)
  • Enhanced work efficiency and reduced operational risks by utilizing the function to automatically create disclosure documents for mutual fund distribution houses (weekly/monthly) or for pension fund sponsors and valuation institutions
  • High-speed computing to calculate rates of return using a daily valuation method for all portfolios


T-STAR/GX is a universal packaged solution that can be used on NRI-specified Windows servers and client PCs (for client and server requirements to use this service, please contact us at the following address).

*Clients can choose either installing their own server at their side, or using a fee-based server operated at NRI's data centers (under our hosting service).

Service menu

Clients can select optional functions of T-STAR/GX according to their needs and purposes.

Optional functions (example)

  • Calculation of time-weighted rate of return/factor attribution analysis
  • Creating disclosure materials for investment management companies/investment advisors
  • Pre-and-after compliance checks
  • Bond risk analysis
  • Support to create reports for pension fund clients
  • Distribution of market data such as indices
  • Supporting functions complying with GIPS
  • Credit risk monitoring
  • VaR monitoring
  • Liquidity risk monitoring

  • Management function for foreign-domiciled mutual funds
  • Look-through management

*T-STAR is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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