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T-STAR/GX Look-through Highway

Fund Look-through Service *

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Look-through Highway connects banks and asset managers to prvide standardized look-through data exchanged between them. It helps financial insttutions expand their fund investments by significantly reducing their operational burden related to Basel III compliance and fund risk management.

*For your business in Japan.


Fund look-through service provides NAV, look-through balance (the breakdown of the funds), risk-weighted asset table through the network.


Banks, Trust Banks, Credit Unions, Credit Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, Insurance Companies

*Look-through Highway is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
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*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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