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T-STAR / ReportAssist / EDINET

Solution for creating documents for the next-generation version of EDINET *

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T-STAR/ReportAssist/EDINET is a service that allows clients to create files compatible with the next-generation version of EDINET, which mandates that all documents appear in inline XBRL format.

*For your business in Japan.


This service manages disclosure material including, numerical and text data, allowing customers to quickly and accurately create files to submit to EDINET, dramatically increasing the efficiency of routine operations.


Asset management firms


Includes ability to automatically create financial results documents and corporate statements, with the extensive functions for data revision

The service automatically creates pages financial results and corporate documents for each fiscal period using T-STAR data. The solution's extensive functions that allow data revisions allow clients to accomplish various tasks, including managing the legal names of funds and changing names of accounting items and types of products. Once data is finalized for the current period, it is automatically set as the pre-populated data for the following period.

Conducts same check as that carried out when submitting to EDINET

This service offers a function to convert draft Word files into inline XBRL files that are compatible with EDITNET. When converting files, the system conducts the same check as EDINET to create compatible files.

Prevent missed revisions and reduce labor by managing text information

With this service, clients can efficiently create securities and other related reports using submitted documents. Any changes to original content are automatically reflected in all reports. In addition, date information, which is changed every period, is also automatically updated, reducing the work necessary to create reports.

Includes a useful schedule management function

In order to make operations even more efficient, the service provides support for managing the schedule and workflow for creating reports. With this function, clients can automatically outline important dates, such as the reference dates for creating financial statements and calculating business results, application periods, and submission dates using report attributes.

Integrated data management function

Since the service employs XML-formatted data commonly used in reports and by funds, changes in a piece of data or text are reflected in all reports. Furthermore, text other than financial data is structured to be compatible with XBRL.


Standard service

Export financial statement and performance data to word files.

Conversion to EDINET format

Service to create complete files to submit to EDINET

Service for managing word styles

  • Manage common wording styles
  • Automatic update by parameterizing settlement dates, notification dates and application period
  • Producing operational documents such as 8-1 form

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*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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