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Back-office solution for non-mutual fund business *

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T-STAR/RX is a portfolio management system, assisting asset managers in their investment advisory back-office operations. It offers the functions of performance management for individual portfolios, formatted report creation, etc. Clients can use T-STAR/RX for the account management of foreign currency-denominated funds.

*For your business in Japan.


T-STAR/RX offers the functions of portfolio/stock attribution management; acquisition of market values/stock attribution from NRI data centers; execution registration; calculation of balances, book values and profit/loss; valuation of market values; accrued income recording; and creation of external/internal reports.
It also has the data-link function with external systems such as T-STAR/GX, NAV calculation for pension funds liking with T-STAR/TX, collation with trust banks liking with SYNTAX, and valuation and calculation using multiple market values and exchange rates.


Asset management firms, trust banks, life insurance companies


1. Supporting non-mutual fund back-office operations (mainly investment advisory operations)

T-STAR/RX offers the functions of performance management for individual portfolios, formatted report creation, etc.

* Clients can use T-STAR/RX for the account management of foreign currency-denominated funds.

2. Meeting system risk management requirements

According to financial inspection manuals, financial instruments business operators are required to receive regulatory inspections and supervision under the system risk management scheme which they should comply with. Therefore, the need to establish system infrastructure and operational framework that can prevent system failures, minimize the impact of failures, and conduct swift recovery of operations in case of accidents and disasters is more compelling than ever. NRI provides the service using a reliable server system composed of main servers and backup servers, as well as Osaka DR servers in case of widespread disasters.

3. Responding to new regulations, sponsor requests, and diversifying operation schemes

T-STAR/RX provides solutions and infrastructures reflecting new regulations, fund sponsors' requests, and other possible changes.

  • GIPS 2010 (application of a daily valuation method for all portfolios (requirements of creating daily balance reports and daily balance collation with trust banks))
  • Increasing investment in privately placed mutual funds by pension funds (NAV calculation for pension funds and linking to the NAV data of T-STAR/TX)

4. Solutions to enhance operational efficiency

T-STAR/RX provides system infrastructures that can reduce clients' burden and operation costs.

  • Shared functions with other mutual-fund solutions
  • Better compatibility with SYNTAX
  • Better coordination with front-office systems

How it works

  • By using T-STAR/RX, clients can smoothly introduce and use a wider range of non-mutual fund back-office solutions (for investment advisory, offshore fund management, etc.)
  • Function to automatically link data (included as standard) with NRI's solutions such as T-STAR/GX, SYNTAX and SmartBridge
  • Clients can establish a management framework complying with financial inspection manuals for financial instruments business operators
  • It is possible to integrate mutual fund operations with non-mutual fund operations through coordination with SmartBridge Advance and T-STAR/TX
  • Automatic collation and linking functions with trustee banks through SYNTAX, enhancing operational efficiency
  • T-STAR/RX supports operations using a daily valuation method (daily exact method) complying with GIPS standards


T-STAR/RX is a shared 'application service provider (ASP)' service offered through application servers at NRI's data centers using the same infrastructure of T-STAR/TX (a NAV calculation solution).

Service menu

T-STAR/RX offers the service menu comprising of basic functions and optional functions. Clients can select functions according to their needs and purposes.

Basic functions (example)

  • Portfolio attribution management
  • Market data management
  • Transaction management by stock
  • Valuation calculation management by stock
  • Investment performance management
  • Trust bank collation management
  • Security management
  • Schedule management
  • Code management

Optional functions (example)

  • Products under the management service

    Domestic stocks, margin transactions, short positions, borrowing/lending stocks
    Domestic bonds (including inflation indexed bonds and mortgage bonds), repurchase agreements, repos, lending bonds
    Foreign stocks, short positions
    Foreign bonds (including inflation indexed bonds and mortgage bonds), TBA transactions
    Short-term products, fund products, foreign exchange forwards, futures, options and other products

  • Database services

    Market values of foreign stocks and bonds (SIX Financial Information), domestic stocks' estimated (actual) dividends per share, capital flows for domestic stocks, theoretical prices of domestic bonds

  • Reflection of SYNTAX matching results
  • Linking to mutual fund NAV data of T-STAR/TX
  • Management of multiple market values
  • Use of a backup center (Osaka data center)
  • Calculation of mutual fund NAVs for privately placed pension funds
  • Mutual fund collation in compliance with GIPS 2010
  • Balance determination using a daily valuation method in compliance with GIPS 2010

*T-STAR is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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