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Accounting System for Brokerage Firms *

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THE STAR is an accounting system for brokerage firms.

*For your business in Japan.


For brokerage firms trading in real-time, speed and efficiency are crucial for all business processes, including order placement. In the case of a system malfunction that can potentially disrupt or delay orders or execution operations, brokerages need to know their systems are stable, reliable and robust enough to handle the issue.THE STAR - NRI's back-office solution for brokerage firms - provides the steadfast system to support clients through regular trading operations, as well as unexpected occurrences. Developed from NRI's STAR System, a pioneer of the straight-through processing (STP) era, this system has undergone development and upgrades for more than 40 years. Today, THE STAR is Japan's most widely used brokerage system.


Since its launch in 1974, THE STAR has been used by second-tier and mid-tier brokerage firms and banks. More recently, pure-Internet-play brokerages and banks looking to enter the intermediary securities business are increasingly adopting THE STAR as a back-office solution.


THE STAR is a back-office system, also known as an accounting system for brokerage firms. Through distributed processing with LINUX and UNIX servers, the system allows real-time processing of post-execution balance updates, provides performance and surplus capacity, and offers user-friendly operability through the Web.

THE STAR provides total support for brokerage firms, enabling them to open accounts, place orders, settle trades, consult information systems, conduct compliance checks, report on sales and view financial accounting. Depending on individual firm's requirements, THE STAR is available as an ASP, outsourced or completely integrated service.

How it works

NRI's STAR-IV service tracks and responds accurately to changes in regulatory demands, such as tax system requirements, while maintaining stable operations. Brokerage firms can create regulatory reports with one click, easing the burden of clerical work.STAR-IV also provides holistic risk management controls, from front-end compliance functions in account opening and order placement, through back-end compliance check functions, in trade screening/business examination/on-site examination. Some of the more recently added features include the ability to place orders abroad and functions to report sales and navigate risk descriptions.

STAR/IV also has robust business continuity planning (BCP) services, including standard contingency plans for receiving orders, completing settlement, performing calculations, and other necessary functions for conducting business, such as remote data backup in case of short-term disasters and querying the information necessary to maintain settlement operations.

*NRI STAR-IV and THE STAR are registered trademarks of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of these documents is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2021. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice

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