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A service providing corporate information to financial institutions *

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NRI's e-AURORA XIRCLE is a platform that supports operations related to analyzing investments and gathering information from financial institutions, including securities firms and asset managers.

*For your business in Japan.


Are you confronted with the following problems when gathering corporate financial information?

  • In addition to data provided by vendors, you use original information released by companies when conducting analysis, which takes time and introduces risk as you have to manually enter the information from PDF files.
  • Non-financial information necessary to analyze growth potential, competition status, or corporate governance, is publicly available in various corporate documents, but gathering such information is labor-intensive. In addition, most of the information is not in a format that can be processed by computers.

NRI addresses these issues with e-AURORA XIRCLE.

e-AURORA XIRCLE is an SNS service used by corporations and institutional investors, including fund managers and analysts. The solution allows users to effectively exchange corporate data and share information on events, such as interviews and earnings briefings. Users have access to not only XBRL data released by all listed companies and all information that must be disclosed in accordance with regulatory requirements, but also non-financial data used for qualitative analysis expertly selected by NRI.


Financial institutions, such as broker dealers and asset managers


Functions for institutional investors and analysts

The service comes with various functions that help institutional investors and analysts effectively use the information disclosed by corporations. For example, clients can extract and use data that is important for corporate valuation and included in documents, such as medium-term management plans and ESG reports.*

Other functions allow firms to utilize XBRL data immediately after earnings are released, to search past corporate disclosure data, and to obtain and view various information provided by corporations, including IR content, in one convenient place and in a timely manner.

* ESG stands for "environmental, social and corporate governance," and is a set of data used by overseas investors to make investment decisions.

Functions for corporate IR departments

e-AURORA XIRCLE comes with various functions for researching institutional investors, reviewing potential investors, analyzing information needs (trail analysis), and managing the contact database. IR staff can search for institutional investors who is likely to invest in their company by analyzing their profiles, the investment policy of funds, and portfolio composition information.

In addition, IR staff can ascertain external demand for their company's disclosure information by analyzing the kinds of information that is most often accessed by institutional investors. In addition, IR staff can coordinate, decide on, and manage individual meetings with e-AURORA XIRCLE.

Distinguishing features

  1. Uses SNS to support the exchange of financial information and events between users
  2. Provides ability to view legally-disclosed information for all listed companies via the XBRL standard data format
  3. Allows users to access a database of qualitative information acquired from NRI's own surveys on medium-term management plans and corporate governance
  4. Can be used via an Internet browser with no need to install dedicated lines or special software
  5. Will soon have the ability to analyze non-financial information to be provided by next-generation EDINET

How it works

This service makes it easy to:

  1. Quickly extract corporate earnings information into spreadsheets
  2. Batch download corporate governance reports
  3. Quickly send notification by email of corporate notices (reports of possession of large volume of shares, etc.) made by companies designated by a user


(1) Data extraction for institutional investors

Institutional investors can extract XBRL data into function-rich spreadsheets to search for specific disclosure items, as well as obtain companies' non-financial data in a uniform format.

(2) Communication

Institutional investors and analysts can view company information, conduct a wide range of analysis, and then contact the IR staff of the companies they are interested in. The IR staff can also ascertain which institutional investor has accessed information about their company, and then use that data to request or coordinate meetings and notify institutional investors of earnings calls.

(3) Integrated corporate information gathering and posting

Through e-AURORA XIRCLE, institutional investors and analysts can view company information and data on a customized and integrated display. IR staff can post material, including earnings and securities reports, as well as medium-term management plans. The display screen makes it possible for both sides to gather and post useful information in a single place.

Example of standard access environment

  • Recommended Browser: Microsoft EdgeInternet Explorer mode, Mozilla FireFox52 or later
  • Connection: Internet access
  • Device specification: CPU and memory sufficient to operate the browser with no problem

*e-AURORA is a registered trademark of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. in Japan.
*Unauthorized reproduction or copying of any of the contents of this page is prohibited.
*The contents of this page are current as of April 2023. The specifications and prices of products and services are subject to change without notice. Offers and sales of these products and services are subject to cancellation without notice.

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