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Global Practice Group Infrastructure

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Consulting Areas

What is GPG-Infra?

At NRI, consultants from various NRI offices work together to conduct consulting projects and independent research activities for major industries. These working teams are called “GPG = Global Practice Group”.
Among GPGs, infrastructure has been a key focus sector for NRI. GPG-Infra consists of a group of consultants specializing in the infrastructure domain of NRI in each country, including energy, power, urban policy & issues, real estate, housing, transportation and logistics and public policy. The activities are carried out by the consultants of infrastructure domain in Japan, as well as from our global offices in USA, Asia and Europe.

GPG-Infrastructure International Presentations

The GPG carries out proprietary research about urbanization and urban issues based on the environmental changes in developed and emerging countries. Especially, under our fixed-point observation activities, we report the trends of real estate investment market of 9 countries and long-term forecast on Japan’s housing market under declining population every year. Moreover, in recent years, there has been a progress in the digitalization of technologies related to power supply, electricity storage and energy utilization control. We also published a book that discusses the “Way Ahead for Power and Energy Industry”.

NRI “Knowledge Creation and Integration” -
Infrastructure Edition

June 2018 Edition

Meeting with a local real estate company “insight Town” in Shenzhen


Here from six viewpoints we list the facts achieved through NRI's practice and the subsequent knowledge gained.

(1)Proof of Concept, (2)Net Promoter Score, (3)Enginnering Service Outsourcer, (4)Due Diligence

Global Practice Group Infrastructure

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