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NRI has industry experts who understand technologies and markets further downstream and focus on providing consultation services using hands-on study and analysis. We provide our clients with a wide range of support, including redefining their core competencies, planning company-wide strategic concepts that form winning patterns, recombining portfolios, and developing new businesses with a view to collaborating with external companies.

Consulting Area

Structure and portfolio reform under global strategies

As global industry structures are changing, it is important to recombine portfolios with a view to partnership with other companies.

NRI offers support beyond the conventional framework. We support evaluation of current business situations, including market environment and the company's competitiveness, creation of the concept of company-wide reform, promotion of the feasible framework, and finally, establishment of the new system.

Business domain development, adaptation and modification

Trying to fix failing projects is usually an uphill battle. NRI understands the business cycle and volatility of a project and can advise robust business structures on how to endure changes in the transitional business environment.

Preparation of new business domain is the key. Many firms suffer from "Not-Invented-Here" syndrome, sticking to in-house technology that may reduce the success rate of new projects. NRI's methodology focuses on macro-trends and core competencies, creates new business hypotheses based on the analysis, and tests / modifies them according to real market experience. We can assist your new business development, including ways to use outside resources.

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