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Electronics and Industrial Manufacturing

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The increased prominence of emerging markets, and the need for new innovation in response to industry regulations such as carbon restrictions are fueling the global competition.
NRI industry experts provide practical consultation for the formulation of business strategies in emerging markets, and they establish systems to implement the strategies and achieve cross-business innovation. We do not just propose plans; NRI carries out plans together with our clients until they achieve their targets.

Consulting Areas

Differentiation strategies to enter the vehicle electronics business

NRI supports domestic and overseas automakers and parts manufacturers as well as electronics manufacturers that are shifting from consumer electronics to in-vehicle devices.

Increased awareness on environmental protection has shone a light on the importance of electronics in automobiles. It is harder for the auto industry to efficiently develop and produce in-vehicle electronic devices, as technologies have become more complex. The systems and relationships surrounding the production processes need to be considered from a new angle.

We work to formulate differentiation strategies using advanced in-vehicle technologies, establish the organization structure that implements the strategies, and prepare the development structure, including:

  • Differentiation strategy using probe data and vehicle information data
  • Securing competitiveness in anti-collision functions and related technologies
  • The form of architecture and the development structure of vehicle-integrated control and automated driving

Establishment of a new business model in the energy equipment market overseas

For energy-related facilities, it is essential to create comprehensive business models by considering the performance of the equipment, including design, construction, and after-sales services while identifying the entire profit, including the one during operation.

In today’s global competition, creating business model that maximizes profit in the entire value chain rooted in each region is key to success.

NRI supports clients’ decision-making flows and works together with them to develop those business models that will maximize profits.

Omni-directional reform in the production system industry

NRI offers omni-directional consulting services to equipment manufacturers to create organizations, functions, and business strategies using existing technologies rather than being exclusively devoted to technological advancement.

  • Sales and channel reform suitable for the local market
  • Development of a stock-type (service-type) business model
  • Functional and organizational reform to create reverse innovation
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