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Japanese energy and infrastructure industries, totaling 43 trillion Yen in sales, face serious re-organization and fierce competition under de-regulation. With the declining Japanese population, demand has already peaked, which makes the environment even harsher. Related businesses such as plane manufactureres also need to strengthen their operation.
This led many energy and infrastructure companies to look for new opportunities overseas, particularly in ASEAN and Americas. The keys to growth are the localization of people and management. Such globalization, however, needs to be done ASAP. Reform and globalization needs to be done together.
NRI can provide support for various issues under this new harsh environment. We provide unique solution for issues ranging from management reform of public sectors and global strategies of private sectors to the execution of such strategies.

Consulting Areas

Overseas expansion of urban infrastructures companies

As economic growth progresses on a global scale, improvement of social infrastructures such as urban development, transportation, and water will become increasingly critical issues. In particular, Japanese companies will have a great deal of business opportunities in emerging countries represented by ASEAN as they continue to improve new infrastructures. In addition, companies are actively pursuing and implementing M&As in Europe and the United States. This may provide further opportunities for Japanese companies to grow into leading companies in the world. These areas are on the boundary of the public and private sectors as the establishment of social systems can be conducted by government or can be controlled by the market principle using private capital.
NRI supports globalization of Japanese companies focusing on ASEAN, North America, India, and Russia by providing services in infrastructure solutions, market entry strategies, and business strategies in the local markets, M&A support, and global management.

Management reform of electricity, gas, and oil industries

The energy industries in Japan have been experiencing drastic change since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Considering the re-operation or demolition of nuclear plants and dissemination of energy conservation and renewable energies, in addition to liberalization and restructuring of industries and plants, it will be necessary for companies to have forward-looking growth strategies including group strategies, sales reforms, and overseas expansion. Reform of organizations and awareness will also be necessary to implement the growth strategies. By utilizing the insight of market research and analysis and policy planning, NRI supports the growth and structural reform of its clients through application of knowledge about B2C marketing, cost reform, group strategies, global strategies, and portfolio strategies.

Global strategies for heavy electric machinery and trading companies in the infrastructure and plant industries

Investment opportunities for Infrastructure projects, EPC, and energy and resource development are rapidly expanding. The harsh survival race between major global firms in the field. In order to move forward as true global players, companies are required to concurrently promote expansion of business scales, micro-level risk management, and reforms on global human resources while evolving business models from manufacturing to EPC, and from EPC to business investment or after-sales services. In cooperation with each business location in China, ASEAN, India, Russia, and the Americas, NRI provides support managing portfolios of market entry strategies and business investment, as well as planning and creating global management systems in order to achieve global strategies. We also support the implementation of such strategies.

Support on policy planning in the fields of energy, environment, resources, and recycling

In the energy and environment fields, legal regulations have a strong impact on the formation of markets and social changes. In the global business environment, they tend to have a strong impact on companies' competitiveness. Laws and regulations in the fields of energy and environment are constantly updated. With these uncertainties, companies are required to have a flexible attitude to adjust their decisions in line with the latest conditions and to address issues in cooperation with the public sector.
NRI supports the development of policies and business strategies, embodiment of systems and measures, and realization and execution of such plans in the fields of energy and environment with a precise view of future trends and situations of changing society and markets while liaising public and private sectors.

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