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The characteristics of finance businesses are that they should offer the most important social infrastructure and strategic tools for companies. They should also lead the virtualization while being a massive equipment industry, demonstrating technical superiority and accuracy. For the last few years, financial businesses have been strongly affected by the IT revolution, system changes, and trends in the flattening global market. Accordingly, an increasing number of new players have entered the market from overseas and other industries. Emergence of new financial businesses has also been prominent.
The focal point of success in future financial businesses is how quickly companies can respond to the ever-changing market, systems, and environment. They need to optimally leverage their own resources and external resources and sophisticate the method of management.
In the financial consulting field, we help financial institutions and business corporations promptly launch businesses, thoroughly prepare systems, and develop new marketing approaches ahead of the competition by utilizing the consumers' needs database and domestic and international networks accumulated over the years.

Consulting Areas

Restructuring of customer touchpoints and service innovation

While many companies take the "customer-oriented" philosophy, not many of them succeed in their services. The major reasons for this are that companies cannot cross the boundaries of existing operations and services even when they promote "customer-oriented" services, and they cannot find a good balance between the services desired by customers and their own profit as financial institutions.
NRI helps your company realize service innovation using newly developed approaches. For example, in the "customer-oriented business reform," NRI removes existing frameworks from the client's operations and redesigns their services based on customer behavior processes. Another example is the introduction of the face-to-face "personal channel" that was created utilizing IT technology. With this personal channel, clients can offer advanced high-touch services to their customers at a low cost.

Area Marketing

Even with the progress of IT, the center of the sales network of financial institutions has still been "stores". It's not easy to find the best store opening strategy that can capture changing customers' behavior processes, which are affected by the diversification of customer needs, the progress of IT, and an aging population.
NRI supports financial institutions in formulating area strategies, restructuring store allocations, and facilitating strategic deployment. We help them improve their area strategies and develop functions of new concept stores. We also help them open and relocate stores by conducting analyses and giving proposals based on detailed statistical data, with information to the street number level and a financial survey of 10,000 people; the voice of 10,000 people across the nation.

Entry into emerging countries in Asia

The global economy rebounded between 2010 and 2011, anchored by the growth of emerging countries. This revealed the difference in the rate of growth between developed and emerging countries. The presence of emerging countries has also expanded in the financial business. Even though entry into emerging counties is a critical theme, companies might spend an enormous amount of time in prior research and decision-making due to the significant differences in each country's financial systems, behavior and practices, and infrastructures.
NRI has already established networks with regulatory authorities, the central bank, local law firms, and other partners through services we provided in improving the financial capital market of emerging countries in Asia. With this network, we can help financial institutions enter the market in emerging countries or establish support systems for their business partners.

Support for financial institutions in conformity with legal systems

Trends in legal systems and policies have a great impact on financial businesses. For example, the trend of diversified SMEs financing, as an economic and regional development policy, have brought about availability of ABL and the bond markets as a means of fund raising for SMEs. Also, most recently, preparation for the introduction of the My number system has had great impact on operations and systems in financial institutions.
NRI anticipates the trends of these legal systems and policies through presentation of policy recommendations and research on overseas cases to create, for example, a template to respond to the individual number system. We support your company until the preparation for the policies and systems are reflected by operational processes, system designing, and product development.

Administration reform for realization of business strategies

In addition to the response to legal frameworks, establishing a prompt operational structure corresponding to business strategies is one of the most critical management issues in the financial industry with advanced information systemization. It can even be said that superiority and inferiority of financial institutions can be determined by how quickly they can reflect the basic policies and business strategies in their operations and information systems.
Based on the experience and knowledge as a leading vendor in the financial industry, NRI helps financial institutions conduct reform on their administration in every aspect of introduction and transition to the new operation and information systems through the design of financial business operations, preparation of training and manuals, and definition of system requirements.

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