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Although the ICT and media industries have brought about drastic changes to society with digitalization, the Internet, and mobile phones, it is now time for them to step into the next phase. To overcome the maturity and fierce competition of the domestic market, companies need to work on the development of new services, review of earning structure, restructuring of organizations and systems through industry restructuring, development of overseas markets, and active entry into peripheral areas or upper layers.
Under these circumstances, companies are more aware of the risk of losing the competition with global companies and other industries if they only have the conventional marketing and growth strategies that focus on controlling unit prices, capturing new subscribers, and updating technology generations.
NRI, in the ICT and Media Group, provides support to various clients including service providers, equipment manufacturers, government agencies, consumers, and other business operators. We promote operations on a global scale to support clients' efforts to resolve management issues as well as to disseminate information, through the knowledge of market trends, forecast of technology trends, formulation of marketing strategies, and evaluation of corporate value from various angles.

Consulting Areas

Development of new businesses and entry into upper layers in the communications and broadcast industries

Promotion of new services and expansion of business areas are on the rise responding to the maturity of the communications and broadcast industries. However, many telecommunications carriers and broadcasting companies are often constrained by the perspectives that come from existing business characteristics, such as vertically integrated business models and the economies of scale inherent to the network industry. This poses an obstacle to the cooperation and collaboration with other companies from other industries and business layers.
NRI, as the first think tank in Japan as well as one of the largest consulting organizations in Japan, captures a wide range of businesses including private companies, government agencies, and industry organizations. We support service and business development from various perspectives in providing effective measures; for example, examination of business models and cooperation with various companies and organizations, to name a few.

Development of businesses and systems in the EC and content fields

With the growing popularity of the Internet and mobile phones, the EC and content businesses are growing rapidly represented by Internet shopping and music and video distribution. These businesses are evolving into sales that are comparable to or even surpass existing sales channels and business models.
Under these circumstances, the industries will continue to face many management issues, such as development of a marketing approach that takes advantage of characteristics of the Internet and development of a new approach to Big Data technologies, and development of overseas business segments.
NRI has been involved in many projects in the fields of video clips, music, and ebooks through advanced understanding of market trends and the transmission of such information. We provide services to support business growth in various situations from development of services, creation of administrative organizations, and establishment of distribution, billing, and customer support systems.

Overseas expansion and business restructuring in the solution field

In the software and system development industry and the solution industry, many business operators struggle with handling a pile of management issues, such as maturity of the market resulting from stagnation of IT expenses in companies, decline of unit prices, aging of internal personnel, multilayered supply systems, excessive competition involving many small and medium-sized businesses, response to new technologies such as the Cloud and the Internet, and creation of new businesses.
Based on the extensive knowledge accumulated by experience in research and consulting in the field, NRI provides services to support M&As and restructuring based on the corporate value evaluations and other elements. We also support market research, formulation of marketing strategies, overseas expansion by exploring partners, HR evaluation of aging programmers and SEs, and development of their carrier paths.

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