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In order for Japan's economy to continue to grow, creating new businesses, actively expanding them to the new market, and creating and nurturing new industries are essential. While individual companies and industries usually take the lead in such efforts, the role of the public sector has also been changing. Not only supporting and improving the efforts of individual companies and industries, the public sector is also required to play the role of a navigator who facilitates and establishes frameworks and legal systems to promote such new efforts. The typical examples are the export strategy of infrastructure systems, promotion of sixth-order industrialization, acceleration of venture, and start-ups that are all declared in the Japan Revitalization Strategies.
Based on such trends, NRI supports national and local governments in planning, establishing, and realizing highly-effective policies and strategies that well consider the positions and needs of public and private sectors, utilizing the abundance of studies and consulting experiences in both sectors. Furthermore, in order to make sure of sustained development, we support our clients in making frameworks and establishing new legal systems while providing advice to policymakers and liaising between them and industries where needed.

Consulting Area

Support on policy planning

In order to resolve various social problems such as declining birthrates and aging populations, resource and energy problems, increased risk of natural disasters, and intense international competition in the economy and industry aspects, the first step is to plan and implement policies in individual fields represented by the following categories. Using expertise and experience accumulated over the years as a think tank, NRI smoothly promotes various types of research and analysis such as policy research, case studies, system designing, policy recommendations, policy evaluation, and impact analysis. In addition, we ensure provision of customers' desired results (intellectual property, outcomes, etc.) by utilizing the network with related industries and demonstrating insight into policy needs.

Examples of service areas:
Environmental Energy, Social Infrastructure, Regional Revitalization, Disaster Prevention, Tourism (including MICE), ICT and Community Development, Agriculture and ICT, Industry and Trade, Healthcare and Welfare, Information and Communications, Others

Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

As clarified in the Japan Revitalization Strategies, leveraging the power of the private sector is essential for the effective development and use of various infrastructures. Public infrastructures such as airports, roads, and water have already been considered the "infrastructure business" in the world and provide attractive business opportunities to private companies. In addition, the opening of public facilities to the private sector (PPP/PFT) has been progressing rapidly. The Japanese government has announced that they would expand the scale of PPP and PFI to the target of 12 trillion yen in the next 10 years (2013-2022). NRI supports the national and local governments in addressing these initiatives. We also support private companies in formulating business strategies to capture these opportunities.

Support on policy realization (PMO)

In order to resolve diversified and complex social issues, it is important to ensure and promote both the review and execution of policies. In accordance with the decrease in the number of government officials who are supposed to handle such matters, a part of the promotion function has been outsourced to third parties.
NRI, as a "supporter of policy realization", actively takes over such operations to contribute to the realization of various policies. We have worked in the fields of industrial development and promotion, reconstruction and community support, environment and energy, and healthcare and welfare. We will continue to function as a project management office (PMO) and support smooth implementation of operations, development, settlement of frameworks, and even formulation of new policies.

Industry Promotion and Market Development in Emerging Countries

The Japanese government implements various measures to improve infrastructure and business environment in emerging countries. These measures include funding assistance and technical cooperation such as ODA, international negotiations with developing countries, and establishment of international standards.
NRI supports clients of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), etc. in formulating economic and industrial strategies for their operations in emerging countries, establishing systems of PPP and monetary and finance, formulating master plans and providing feasibility studies for development projects in such sectors as electricity, railroads, and other infrastructures. NRI also supports overseas expansion for small and medium-sized companies to promote overseas business deployment of Japanese companies, yielding effective results for the realization of projects in emerging countries from both public and private perspectives.

Major Projects

Projects NRI involved in the fields of regional revitalization, urban development and disaster prevention policies

  • Ministry of the Environment: Support on the Promotion of Decontamination Operations of the Fukushima Prefecture Environment Regeneration Office
  • Reconstruction Agency: Study on the Future of 12 Municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture
  • Okuma Town: Support on Formulation of Recovery Plan
  • Cabinet Office: Damage Estimation on Megathrust Earthquakes on the Nankai Trough and the Metropolitan Area.
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism: Demonstration Experiment on the Effective Use of Locally-Produced Natural Energy for Local Consumption (Biomass Town)

Projects NRI Involved in the Industries and Commerce Fields

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Administrative Office (PMO) of the Project on Fostering Human Resources and Insight to Support Creation of New Businesses
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Administrative Office (PMO) of the Investment Promotion in Advanced Equipment, etc. for the Measures against Strong Yen and Energy Conservation
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Development of the Markets in Emerging Countries (Promotion and Dissemination of New Technologies, etc.)
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Study on the Conformity of Major Countries and Nations to the International Regulations on Trade Measures, etc.

Projects NRI Involved in the Healthcare and Welfare Fields

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Promotion of Internationalization of Medical Equipment and Services
  • Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare: Study on the Policies of Facilitating the Foundation of Future Nursing Care Services
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Promotion of the Information Platform for Home Medical Care and Nursing Care

Projects NRI Involved in the Environment and Energy Fields

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Administrative Office (PMO) for the Rare Earth R&D Assistant Project
  • Agency for Natural Resources and Energy: Study on the Top Runner Program for Building Materials Providers
  • Agency for Natural Resources and Energy: Development of Guidelines for Incentive Demand Response (DR)
  • NEDO: Feasibility Study on the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)

Project NRI Involved in the Information and Communication Fields

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Support for the Administration of the Development of Geospatial City
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Study on the Functional Standardization toward Dissemination of Smart TVs in Cooperation with Broadcasting and Communications Industries
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Model Business Concerning Overseas Expansion of Broadcast Content
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Study on the Resolution of Social Issues Using ICT in ASEAN countries
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