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How We Approach Analytics

In data analysis, most companies tend to focus on securing data scientists or utilizing cutting-edge technologies. What is sometimes neglected is linking analytics initiatives to management themes. Identifying high-impact tasks that will aid management and clarifying purpose in using analytics are both key to lead successful analytics initiates. In doing so, companies can make analytics not about practical efforts for reforming your management and business operations, rather than just R&D.

NRI helps companies maintain both a management and operational perspective. We deliver a system to dynamically support our customers in formulating analytics strategies, putting them into practice, and building organizational structures.

Formulation of Analytics Strategies

NRI helps executives form an analytics strategy that offers a competitive edge, taking into account the direction of the management strategy, potentially promising areas for analytics deployment, and current capabilities.

  1. Creation of Roadmaps
    There are myriad themes to be considered in analytics, including its data, applications, infrastructure, human resources, market climate, and governance. Using the insights and practices that we have amassed over decades of experience, NRI assesses these factors and incorporates them into the development roadmap for analytics deployment.
  2. Proof of Concept (PoC) Activities
    It’s important to begin practical application of analytics at an early stage in using proof of concept (PoC) studies. NRI provides consistent support throughout PoC projects, including identifying themes, analyzing data, operating trial services, running effectiveness tests, and detecting problems.

Implementation of Analytics

A major part of implementing analytics is the use of cutting-edge technology to make the best use of new analytics data. NRI helps companies to utilize data obtained from IoT/sensing technology and to leverage efficient, sophisticated data processing methods using AI technology, based on expertise in adopting advanced IT solutions. NRI consultants also have the experience to grasp a company’s data and IT structures to best implement data analytics practices seamlessly with minimal business interruption.

Building of Analytics Systems

  1. Designing of Analytics Systems
    NRI will study and apprehend a company’s current situation from various viewpoints to support in the design of a system that maximizes the power of analytics
  2. Operation of Analytics Systems
    Running a specialized organization requires close communication with your business units. Linking together the output generated by these experts with various backgrounds, including data scientists and engineers, is essential for augmenting the effects of your analytics efforts. NRI serves as a hub for these experts and provide powerful support in running specialized organizations.
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