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Enhance the quality of your decision-making and produce a competitive edge using mass data

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How We Approach Analytics Support

More and more data with application potential now exists both inside and outside of companies as new technology such as IoT advances at a rapid pace. As a result, a higher level of decision-making based on data is in demand across a variety of industries.

When it comes to data analysis, companies tend to focus on securing data scientists or utilizing cutting-edge technologies. It, however is essential to link your analytics initiatives to your management themes. Identifying high-impact tasks that will aid your management and clarifying your purpose in using analytics are both key to lead successful analytics initiates. In this way, you can make your analytics not about R&D, but rather about practical efforts for reforming your management and business operations.

To this end, it’s necessary to have both a management and operations-oriented viewpoint as well as an analysis-based viewpoint, and NRI’s Consulting Division helps you do so. With several hundred talents combining industry experts and analytics experts, we deliver a system to dynamically support our customers in formulating analytics strategies, putting them into practice, and building organizational structures.

Formulation of Analytics Strategies

NRI helps you formulate an analytics strategy that will give you a competitive edge, taking into account such factors as the direction of your management strategy, potentially promising areas for using analytics, and your current capabilities.

1. Creation of Roadmaps

There are myriad themes to be considered in analytics, including its use areas, data, applications, infrastructure, organization, human resources, corporate climate, and governance. Taking into account the insights and practices that we have amassed over time, NRI will discuss topics with you such as the state to be achieved, the tasks to be undertaken, and the priority of those tasks, and will then create a roadmap showing you how to achieve a competitive edge through the use of analytics.

2. PoC Activities

It’s essential to point out the possible effects or benefits that a company can obtain by making good use of analytics at the earliest stage. When it comes to implementing PoC (Proof of Concept) activities, NRI provides consistent support covering all aspects from identifying themes, analyzing data, operating trial services, running effectiveness tests, and detecting problems.

Analytics Implementation

We help companies put analytics into practice, providing support in a variety of industries and on a wide range of themes.

1. Promotion of Analytics Use for Different Themes

Putting analytics into practice requires you to first identify the ideal state for your company’s business, operations and the tasks you should undertake, and then to rapidly pursue your efforts based on the knowledge you possess for each theme. NRI can grasp your company’s data and IT structures and swiftly promote your efforts with experts who are well-versed in various industries, as well as specialists with abundant experience in supporting the use of analytics for particular themes.

2. Use of Data Through Cutting-Edge Technology

A major part of implementing analytics is the use of cutting-edge technologies to obtain and make the best use of data that you have previously been unable to acquire or to use to the fullest. NRI can help you to utilize data obtained from IoT/sensing technology and to leverage efficient, sophisticated data processing methods using AI technology for your analytics efforts, based on our expertise with assisting customers in adopting advanced IT solutions.

Building of Analytics Systems

Advancing your analytics efforts to the expansion stage requires you to create specialized organizations for handling analytics functions.

1. Designing of Analytics Systems

The tasks involved in creating a specialized organization can be broadly divided into two categories: organizational/ personnel-related tasks and IT-related tasks. Organizational and personnel-related tasks include organizational design, designing rules for role-sharing, personnel training, utilizing outside resources, and ensuring that your company culture permeates your business operations. IT-related tasks include things like collecting data both inside and outside the company, data management, developing an analytics environment for your applications and infrastructure, and linking to your front-end systems. NRI will study and apprehend your company’s current situation from these various viewpoints to support you in designing a system that lets you maximally harness the power of analytics.

2. Operation of Analytics Systems

Running a specialized organization requires a variety of professionals including experts in business, data science, and engineering. Maintaining close communication with your business units and linking together the output generated by these various experts is also essential for augmenting the effects of your analytics efforts. NRI will serve as a hub for these experts and provide powerful support in running your specialized organization by capitalizing on the know-how we have gained over time.

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