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Global ERP

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To Achieve Management and Operational Reforms

NRI helps companies apply the latest ERP technology using a methodological approach to effectively solve problems in management processes and other operational challenges, as well as reform ERP systems at optimal cost.

NRI' s Approach to Building Global Management Foundations

1. Build Consensus with Various Stakeholders

2. Formulate a Plan in a Short Timeframe Using a Template Approach

3. Proven Track Record of Building Management Foundation with SAP S/4HANA

Global ERP Development

Companies looking to expand their business globally, particularly those in manufacturing, have a great need to integrate their operations horizontally while also vertically integrating their management, thereby achieving proper global business management.

NRI has supports its customers in their global ERP development with a focus on building global COE (Centers of Excellence) using development templates.
A unique feature of NRI’s approach is that we don’t merely introduce system development methods to our customers, but rather enable them to pursue system reforms along with management and organizational overhauls. This approach enables us to simultaneously support various measures for achieving the goals of a more global business management.

Standardization of Global Business Operations

NRI has been working alongside global companies to implement their standardization measures. True standardization requires a methodology that enables a company to independently manage and improve its operations. To do so, it’s necessary to set clear standards for its rules, organizational structure and authority, processes, and systems.

NRI provides templates and support for making the necessary evaluations while defining the values that enable a sophisticated global management operations.

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