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Corporate Management for Group Restructuring

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Group Business Management/Group Restructuring

NRI provides support for designing strategic functional arrangement and organizational structure, group cooperation, as well as a redesign of group management and restructuring based on a new or reviewed/reformulated group management strategy. As we coordinate with external experts, we establish group designs coordinated and agreed upon with the group companies and support projects and procedures involving the group companies. We provide support until restructuring is executed smoothly.

Holding Company’s Structural Transition/Review

There is a growing number of companies considering a transition to a holding company structure leading to further growth, with strategies such as separation of management and execution, expansion of business lines including M&A and creation of new business lines. The number of companies considering a review of the structure and mechanism of holding companies is also increasing. Based on the growth strategy of the group, NRI provides support for the transition to a holding company structure through assigning functions, organizations, schemes, group governance, etc. Additionally, NRI provides total support for transition to a holding company structure based on a grand design, which includes detailed design of organization, systems, business, support for practical procedures including legal, accounting, tax, etc. as well as PMO support for the implementation of the entire project. For a review of the holding company structure, we also review the system of group restructuring and corporate management.

Business Integration

In the case of organizational integration and mergers, there are instances where the expected synergy is not achieved or disrupted altogether. This happens if a proper analysis is not conducted and there is lack of communication with the management of the company. NRI summarizes and reviews the issues in the company's policies related to conflicts of interest and supports the formulation of integrated policies and master plans to form the foundation of business integration. Additionally, we provide PMO support for overall project management based on the master plan, and support for examining individual subcommittees established based on the integration policy.

Group Business Management/Governance

When reviewing the mid- to long-term management strategy and restructuring of operations/information systems, the current corporate management and governance mechanisms may become incompatible with the current landscape. Corporate management and governance should be optimized in accordance with changes in group management policies. In order to make group management effective, NRI reviews the management unit and management core as per the group strategy and supports the design of PDCA management process/rules, KPI definitions, review of investment and withdrawal rules. Additionally, we help develop the platform for determining responsibility/authority, structure of meetings, evaluating performance, and restructuring of information systems necessary to carry out group management.

Business Reforms and Development of Shared Services

In order to carry out group management, it is necessary to develop a system that integrates the group’s business and its information system infrastructure to enable efficient and effective operations. NRI conducts fact-based research and analysis through business surveys that focus on work items as well as activities, supporting the creation of a balanced business reform plan. Also, shared service centers are being re-examined as foundation of group management to not just improve efficiency but also improve the quality of operations, strengthen governance and share knowledge. NRI provides support for concrete design as well as implementation of structure improvement, including transfer of business and personnel from the group companies.

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