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Organizational and Personnel/Human Resource Consulting

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Consulting Areas

M&A and Group Restructuring-Related Human Resources Consulting

The effectives of communication within your organization—such as between your group companies, or between top management and employees—is essential to creating corporate culture, value and bond within your organization.

When a merger happens, to identify a proper HR management system as well as to secure and train talents for your new management are key to achieving your business strategies. If you’re building a new HR system in conjunction with a group restructuring, communicating efficiently with your employees and the labor union will be even more vital.

NRI provides holistic solutions to your management challenges in the times of M&A and group restructuring. Our expertise extends not only to HR system integration but also to staff awareness management and new culture and value creation.


  • Designing HR systems in conjunction with company integrations
  • Supporting HR management in association with company splits
  • Supporting HR transfers outside corporate groups
  • Creating HR strategies for shared services companies
  • Optimizing headcounts (“rightsizing”)

HR Challenges During Business Integrations

Optimizing Human Resources Allocation

For companies seeking to expand their business abroad, training and securing personnel who can capably manage their numerous overseas locations is becoming an urgent challenge. To optimize the allocation of human resources, both talent management and resource management are necessary. NRI helps global enterprises find their ideal human resource allocation, with a focus on creating “missions, visions, and values”, developing standardized evaluation formats, and setting internal pay criteria according to market remuneration standards by country and industry type as key domains for platform building.


  • Developing role-based or job-based wage systems/global grading
  • Increasing staff mobility within the group
  • Posting-type recruitment
  • Streamlining headquarters operations
  • Optimizing headcounts (“rightsizing”)


Two Types of Grading for Resource Management

Corporate Governance Reforms (The cases for Japanese Companies only)

Companies tend to comply with Japan’s Corporate Governance Code in one of two very different ways. Some companies regard this new trend in governance as the perfect opportunity for general management reforms, undertaking comprehensive inspections of various management systems to enhance their medium- and long-term corporate value. Yet many others view this trend as one aspect of legal compliance, seeking to take only the minimum disclosure actions required under the Code.
Sustainable growth, as demanded by a company’s investors and other stakeholders, means continually enhancing and creating corporate value over the medium- and long-term.

This activity is not limited to improving a company’s performance in a financial sense so as to exceed capital costs. Only those companies that gain their stakeholders’ confidence by disclosing the systems and tasks involved in their corporate governance (the core of company management), while at the same time endeavoring to solve various social problems, will be able to continue existing in our society as true corporate value creating enterprises.

With developments like the revisions to the Company Act and the recent enforcement of the Corporate Governance Code, corporate management has reached a turning point, and NRI has a proven track record of supporting governance reforms at numerous companies in this pivotal time.


  • Corporate governance reforms
  • Executive evaluation/compensation system reforms
  • Introducing succession plans
  • Global talent management
  • Management personnel assessments

A Framework for Examining Corporate Governance

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