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Achieving Sustainable Growth through Sustainability-Oriented Management

NRI’s Sustainability- and Purpose-Focused Consulting (ESG/CSV/CSR/Purpose)

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NRI’s Sustainability- and Purpose-Focused Consulting

Amid increasing uncertainty in the business environment, “sustainability-oriented management” is coming under a spotlight as an important step for achieving sustainable corporate growth. Focusing on sustainability means strengthening the management foundation for growth when viewed in terms of ESG measures, while from the perspective of creating social value through business, it also leads to medium- and long-term growth strategies. Sustainability-related efforts tend to incur costs, but when a company maintains a strategy designed to have a financial effect, such efforts can surely lead to corporate growth.

In NRI’s sustainability- and purpose-focused consulting, we see three managerial results that may be acquired through sustainability-oriented management: competition strategy, risk hedging, and loyalty engagement. Tapping NRI’s wealth of knowledge, we support client companies in their efforts to achieve sustainable growth.

Purpose: The reason for existence; its significance in society.

Achieving Sustainable Growth through Sustainability-Oriented Management
NRI’s Sustainability- and Purpose-Focused Consulting


Supporting Efforts to Achieve “True Integration” of Business and Sustainability

Sustainability-oriented management will continue to cover an ever-broadening scope, having a significant impact on various areas of management and business. Promoting such management will require efforts beyond those of a single organization; it will require efforts involving everyone from senior management down to each and every employee, efforts by not only functional departments but also business departments, and efforts both in Japan and at the global level.
Aiming for “true integration” of business and sustainability, we at NRI will assess high-priority challenges from various scopes and draw an effective and efficient roadmap for sustainable growth through sustainability-oriented management.

Combine Knowledge in “Sustainability” and “Business and Industry” to Offer Highly Effective Advice

Having sustainability-oriented management produce management results requires development and implementation of a management and business integration strategy. Effective examination requires specialized knowledge on sustainability that takes into account the characteristics of a given business and industry. At NRI, consultants providing sustainability services and consultants specialized in certain businesses join forces to offer highly effective advice to clients.

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