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Workstyle Reform to Improve the Value of Work

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1) “Ownership” of reforms through designing approach 2) Establishment of “Work-oriented” and “Reform-oriented” programs with the focus on customer 3) Utilization of performance management

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Workstyle Reform to Improve the Value of Work

At present, “Workstyle reform” has become a management issue which all companies, regardless of business type, industry type and company size need to address. Most of the current reforms aim at “reducing long working hours”, “improving work efficiency”, “securing workforce” and “enabling flexible ways of working”.

These initiatives are needed to be achieved in the short run. However, considering the adverse effects of reforms (decrease of employee’s motivation, damage to the value of work etc.) and the shift in responsibilities that should be done by a human resource due to dissemination of AI and RPA, it is necessary to carry “Workstyle reform” to the next level in order to improve the value of work.

Support in Drafting “Ideal Working Ways” using Designing Approach

In order to improve the value of work, it is eventually essential that each and every employee change their way of doing work. Therefore, it is necessary to draft “ideal working ways”, an ideal image aimed for realizing workstyle reforms.
However, it is not easy to express “Ideal working ways”. There are many cases in where ideal working ways of the company are either not expressed adequately or expressed in too many words, thereby preventing employees from making them their own.

NRI drafts an image of “Ideal working ways” in the form of attractive images or videos as well as aims at realizing individual “Ownership” of the reforms, by designing or providing a platform for employee discussion using the drafted image.

Support for Designing and Conducting Training Programs for the Establishment of “Work-Oriented” and “Reform-Oriented” Programs with the Focus on Customer

With rapid digital transformation, it is necessary to respond to the drastically changing environment and change the ways of working. For example, GE has been working on globally deploying a work style reform called FastWorks Every day and making this customer-oriented, simple and speedy concept a core of organization culture.

The dissemination of AI and RPA may help employees in shifting their focus to more crucial and planning related tasks. However, whether “Work-oriented program” for delivering results in work and “reform-oriented program” for improving value the of work can be established in the organization depends on the competitiveness of the company.

NRI provides support in designing “Work-oriented” and “reform-oriented” programs aimed at various professions as well as in designing and conducting training for the establishment of the program to improve the value of the work of an individual based on an understanding of the company’s strategy and business model.

Support for Performance Management Reforms

A manager plays an important role in helping each employee to change their working ways. It has become essential to improve the quality and frequency of communication between superiors, subordinates, and colleagues, and encourage each and every employee to learn from each other’s experience. Thus, the traditional target management cycle has become difficult to function especially in the drastically changing environment.

NRI supports in redesigning the performance management process as well as in manager training, (providing skills and changing their way of thinking), tool introduction and system reforms.

Support and consultation for the implementation of “Workstyle reform”

Support for Creation and Execution of Business Reform Plan

For “Business reform”, click here.

Support for White Collar Workstyle Reforms using RPA

For “RPA”, click here.

“Workstyle reforms” services offered by NRI

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