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Contribute to global environment

Biodiversity action agenda

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As a consulting and IT solutions service provider, the NRI group recognizes that the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of biological resources are essential for conducting business activities. Therefore, by utilizing our creative and technical capabilities, we strive to implement the following initiatives to realize an environment-friendly and sustainable society.

1. Understanding our relationship to biodiversity

To understand our relationship to biodiversity, strive to understand how all of the group's business activities depend on and impact biodiversity.

2. Ongoing activities

Strive to continuously mitigate, prevent and avoid negative impacts on biodiversity by raising each employee‘s awareness and conducting our business activities by taking biodiversity into account. In addition, as a member of a sustainable society, continuously engage in social contribution activities.

3. Implementation structure and approach

Establish an implementation structure and give priority to measures that have a high impact and effectiveness based on business and long-term point of view.

4. Contribution by leveraging business characteristics

When developing and operating data centers etc., consider issues such as the protection of ecosystems. Seeking to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future society together with our clients by providing consulting and IT solutions.

5. Expanding the scope of collaborative activities and initiatives

Strive to maintain a regional focus and extensive global awareness, and use NRI's extensive knowledge and means when collaborating with various stakeholders including local communities, governments, and NPOs, etc.

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