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The NRI Group's Environmental Policy

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Shingo Konomoto
Chairman and President & CEO, Representative Director, Member of the Board
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

The NRI Group is actively engaged in environmentally conscious business activities, and all of our executives and employees are working to mitigate environmental impact.
The activities are known as "NRI Green Style," and are being promoted systematically and continuously.

1. Contributing to global environmental issues through business activities

As a company that is building the society of the future, we address global environment issues by offering our clients and society recommendations on the environment and solutions for reducing environmental impact.

2. Environmental activities involving full participation

All of the executives and employees recognize the importance of environmental protection to prevent global warming. As members of their respective local communities, they are using creative thinking and ideas to become actively involved in social contribution activities.

3. Greater environmental awareness

In order to boost awareness of global environment problems, we put on environment education and awareness activities for executives and employees and business partners.

4. Compliance related to the environment

Compliance with laws and regulations on environmental protection both in Japan and other countries is strictly observed. Actions to reduce environmental impact are implemented in a way that meets the demands of society.

5. Regarding environmental impact

Activities aimed at conserving resources and energy are being introduced at NRI offices and data centers to reduce environmental impact.

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