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Identification of materiality

In FY2017, we identified NRI’s materiality (key issues) from a management perspective and the perspective of external stakeholders by referring to international standards and guidelines, requirements from ESG evaluation organizations, consistency with corporate philosophy and growth strategy, and opinions of outside directors and experts.
Following that, based on changes in the NRI Group‘s business and social situation, and the concept of “double materiality”, we re-identified materialities in 2023, taking into account not only the impact to NRI (financial perspective) but also the expectations and requirements from our stakeholders (environmental and social impacts), and incorporated them into Group Vision2030(V2030).

1. Identification process of materiality

2. Materiality

●Value Creation

Creating a sustainable future society

●Value Creation Capital

Human and intellectual capital are the source of value creation

●Management Basis (ESG)

Extending ESG to the supply chain

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