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Sustainability management

NRI Sustainability Management Policy

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Our corporate philosophy of "Dream up the future" indicates our stance of opening up the future via innovation and creating social value with customers. Since being established in 1965, we have really solved social issues with our customers and contributed to the creation of a safe, secure, convenient, and affluent society via our core business of consulting and services such as IT solutions.

NRI is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and is implementing initiatives aimed at the achievement of SDGs (sustainable development goals).

Furthermore, we have identified eight materiality issues (key issues) from a management perspective and the perspective of external stakeholders by referring to international standards and guidelines, requirements from ESG evaluation organizations, consistency with corporate philosophy and growth strategy, and opinions of outside directors and experts.

In addition to drafting and executing action plans based on materiality, we also periodically evaluate progress and revise the activity plans and materiality itself.

NRI Group's Sustainability Management and Vision

The NRI Group’s sustainability management is based on the approach that "creating sustainable society and realizing NRI Group's growth strategy are one and the same".

NRI Group's Materiality

The eight materiality issues made up of three tiers of “value created,” “capital generating value” and “management base (ESG)” are positioned as key elements in the formulation of business strategy and the management decision-making process.

Sustainability Management Structure

Under the supervision of the Board of Directors, the Sustainability Committee, chaired by a director, deliberates important sustainability issues and reports regularly to the Board of Directors.
The "Value Co-Creation Committee" and "Sustainability Activities Committee," which are subordinate committees of the "Sustainability Committee," share roles and collaborate with each other to promote sustainability management (in cooperation with related internal committees as necessary).

Sustainability-related Policies

Based on NRI’s corporate statement “Dream up the future," we contribute to create a sustainable society by solving social issues, thereby achieving sustainable growth ourselves. For this goal, we have formulated various policies.

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