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Sustainability management

Message from the President

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We will fulfil our responsibility to society by creating new value through our business activities

President & CEO, Chairman,
Member of the Board, Representative Director 
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Shingo Konomoto

NRI's core resolve is to endeavor to grasp the heart of an issue and find a solution for it at all times from the perspective of our clients and society. We place great importance on our process whereby we first accurately pinpoint a particular issue that a company or community is facing, before then turning our minds to the solution we can create for that issue, which will include harnessing the power of an information system. Among the range of problems facing societies today, some just cannot be put off for future generations to handle, and more and more others have become an increasing global risk. In this environment, although there are so many areas where NRI could make a contribution to finding solutions, we have instead picked out certain areas where we can focus our initiatives, which we have designated our Materiality.
Last fiscal year we had three material CSR themes: Building a sustainable society for the future; Providing the information infrastructure that is vital to people's lives; and Developing human resources who can generate innovation. After ascertaining the views of our stakeholders and identifying certain social issues based on international trends, we adopted those same three themes for this fiscal year too.

Building a sustainable society for the future: examples of this Materiality are our work on the Nippon Individual Savings Account (NISA) scheme, which kicked off in 2014, and the My Number social security and tax number project, which will start in January 2016. There is a strong link between designing projects like these for building a sustainable society, and using information systems to manage such programs. NRI played a role in these national projects from their planning stage, and as well as conducting surveys and research and providing recommendations to governments, we want to make a contribution to these major changes affecting society by developing and providing information systems that operate successfully for these projects.

Providing the information infrastructure that is vital to people's lives: The spread of cloud computing; the harnessing of "big data;" and the Internet of Things ‒ these are some of the new information technologies generating major expectations in society. Information technology and information systems, however, are means for addressing issues ‒ they are not goals in and of themselves. While on the one hand the advance of the information society means a massive leap in convenience and efficiencies in people's everyday lives and the economy, it has also Message from the President 7 Message from the President given rise to security risks, such as major breaches of personal information, and cyber-attacks on computer systems. NRI believes that supporting the reliability and security of today's digital societies is its most fundamental responsibility to society. It maintains the highest levels of security for its information systems at all times, in keeping with their role as infrastructure of vital national importance.
In order to realize our corporate philosophy of dreaming up the future, people skilled in creative innovation and in exploring new value and paradigms will be essential. The challenge we have set ourselves in that area is developing human resources who can generate innovation. Our Group is devoting resources to promoting Health and Productivity Management; promoting workplace diversity for example by giving better career opportunities to women and "global" employees; and to transforming our management of our human resources.
If NRI is to engage in socially responsible business activities, it must work hand in hand with its partners in business. NRI's long-term growth and development is a team effort involving its business partners both at home and abroad, with whom it aims to build relationships of mutual respect. It is also important for NRI to foster the students who will be the future mainstay of Japan and the world. To that end the NRI Group undertakes a number of programs to support the education of younger people.

And furthermore, to continue to gain trust from society and meet expectations through both domestic and global activities, NRI endorsed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and announced its participation in May 2017. NRI will comply with and implement the Ten Principles of the Global Compact. Together with various stakeholders, NRI will also continue to create new value and, as a "Company creating future society," fulfill its responsibility toward the resolution of social issues.

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