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Sustainability management

Message from the President

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President & CEO
Chairman, Member of the Board
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Since being established in 1965, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) has contributed to enriched lives of people through businesses such as consulting and IT solutions. The company’s founding prospectus mentions the will to “promote industrial economy and serve society,” and the spirit of creating new social value and solving social issues through our core business has been inherited to the present day as our DNA. This spirit is the foundation of the sustainability management of the NRI Group. We view creating sustainable society and realizing NRI Group's growth strategy are one and the same, and we will also grow through the creation of social value, with the aim of continuing to make the NRI Group indispensable for society.

Recently, social issues are becoming increasingly complex, but digital technology is playing a significant role in their solutions. The shift to digital first by enterprises and organizations is a major trend of the new era moving forward. We would like to create new value in a wide range of areas spanning from enterprise and business reform to solution for for social issues by focusing on transformation utilizing digital technology (digital transformation). We believe that we can operate a business that is useful for the solution of issues faced by customers and society and to contribute to society at large by exhibiting the ability to integrally provide the NRI Group’s services ranging from consulting to IT solutions. We are actually promoting co-creation with stakeholders on a variety of themes based around social issues such as carbon neutrality, circular economy, and food value chain.

Furthermore, it is necessary to collaborate beyond the boundaries of industry and business type to address complex and major issues that cannot be resolved by a single company, and we believe four players will be key. These are (i) “front players” handling the execution and realization of vision, (ii) “IT platformers” creating and providing frameworks utilizing digital technology, (iii) “rule makers” creating new frameworks such as the introduction of market mechanisms, and (iv) “enablers” organizing the interested parties and promoting projects from a neutral standpoint. If all of these are present, we believe that an ecosystem involving many stakeholders will be created, and that we will be able to bring about solutions to issues. We will embrace the challenge of serving as a part of this ecosystem as a “platformer” and also as an “enabler.”

Going forward, the NRI Group will have insight into the affluence beyond DX, and aim to dynamically transform the world into a better society. Furthermore, we will strive to contribute to the achievement of SDGs that are common issues for the world by resolving social issues through our core business. We also persevere to sincerely listen to the opinions of various stakeholders inside and outside Japan, and govern our behavior accordingly, in addition to working hand in hand with them as we continue to strive to build sustainable futures.

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