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Sustainability management

Message from the President

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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Since being established in 1965, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) has contributed to enriched lives of people through businesses such as consulting and IT solutions. The company’s founding prospectus mentions the will to “promote industrial economy and serve society,” and the spirit of creating new social value and solving social issues through our core business has been inherited to the present day as our DNA. This spirit is the foundation of the sustainability management of the NRI Group. We view creating sustainable society and realizing NRI Group's growth strategy are one and the same, and we will also grow through the creation of social value, with the aim of continuing to make the NRI Group indispensable for society.

Social issues such as climate change have become more and more complicated in recent times, but digital technologies are sure to play a major role in their resolution. At NRI, we focus on innovation that utilizes digital technologies (digital transformation, or “DX”) to create value in a wide range of fields, from the transformation of companies and businesses to the resolution of social issues. DX with a particular focus on the resolution of social issues is called DX3.0. It involves the promotion of co-creation with stakeholders based on various themes for addressing social issues, such as carbon neutrality, regional revitalization/smart technologies, and the circular economy.

The NRI Group will continue to build a better society by unlocking the full potential of each and every one of our diverse employees and increasing our organizational capability so that we can help contribute to achieving the SDGs for common global issues. We will listen closely to the opinions of our diverse stakeholders over the world and regulate our own behavior while striving to build sustainable futures together with you all.

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