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NRI Promotes Efforts for Carbon Neutral Data Centers

- Starting Operations on Electricity Derived from Renewable Sources -

Jan. 26, 2022

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) has begun operating its largest 3 data centers (Tokyo Data Center I, Yokohama Data Center II, Osaka Data Center II) 100% on electricity derived from renewable sources. (NRI has a total of 5 data centers.)

To promote a sustainable future society, NRI has been a member of the global RE1001 initiative for companies whose goal is reaching 100% renewable energy procurement, since February 18, 20192 .
Furthermore, NRI aims for 70% renewable energy use in all its data centers by FY2030 and has set an environmental goal of procuring 100% of electricity for all its businesses from renewable sources by FY2050.

To achieve this goal NRI has installed solar panels on its data center buildings, installed highly efficient cooling and heating equipment, and is constantly adjusting operations to optimize and reduce electricity consumption. In addition to these efforts, NRI has shifted its 3 largest data centers to use electricity procured from 100% renewable sources.

Renewable energy used by data center

Tokyo Data Center I & Yokohama Data Center II

  • Electricity with Non-FIT NFC*
    *Non-Fossil Fuel Certificate

Osaka Data Center II

  • Renewable energy from Hydropower (CO2 free)

Through these efforts NRI is on track realize 80% renewable energy used at its data centers in FY2021, and therefore will aim to achieve its FY2030 target of 100% renewable electricity usage at its data centers approximately 7 years early in FY2023.
NRI plans to continue contributing to the decarbonization of its clients and society through its own carbon neutral efforts.

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