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In the global marketplace, companies are targeting international growth to a more diverse spectrum of countries, and so has become necessary to identify strong supporting strategies and implement after-deployment restructuring plans. NRI provides thorough support for your global business expansion tailored to your target market destinations.

Consulting Areas

Global deployment and restructuring

International deployment of business has become commonplace, and these markets are now more diversified. In order to target new markets you have to consider the capabilities of your organization, along with the compatibility to the strategies and the appeal of the market.

Many companies have promoted business deployment via various approaches, including through wholly owned subsidiaries, investment subsidiaries or through joint ventures. Now, it is time to review the winning strategies for global expansion, including the capital policies.

NRI provides consistent support in selecting target destinations, entering those markets, and conducting restructuring.

Alliance execution support in market destinations

Consumer goods and services is distinct in that functions need to be adjusted to local customs and differing regional business practices. In many cases, partnerships are needed with companies that have experience in the target regions to provide necessary functions.

These partnerships can specify the expectations and functions needed, and can build consensus in accordance with those expectations. NRI supports establishing a feasible system of operations ranging from the formulation of alliance strategies to the provision of FA functions, including basic agreement and terms negotiations.

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