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Due to the progression of the aging and declining population in Japan, the consumer goods and service industries are in dire need of "reestablishment of domestic businesses" and "expansion of global businesses".
As for domestic businesses, the following approaches are intensified: Reform of business structures utilizing the ICT technology, etc., creation of new businesses that respond to the changes in the macroeconomic environment and other society issues, and reinforcement of organization capability that can continue to facilitate innovation.
In addition, the structural problem of labor shortage needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It has become indispensable to establish a management foundation that can accept a variety of labor forces and utilize as effective forces in addition to enhance productivity.
As for globalization, it is necessary to identify firm winning strategies inherent to the company, because target countries and regions are more diversified. Also, it is time to implement after-deployment restructuring plans including a review of capital policies.

Consulting Areas

Global deployment and restructuring

In the consumer goods and services industries, global business development is going forward in full swing. Deployment of business in many countries and regions has become commonplace. Also, these markets are now more diversified. In order to select business destinations, you have to consider the capability of your organization and compatibility to the strategies in addition to the appeal of the market.
Another issue to consider is the following restructuring plan. Many companies have promoted business deployment with various schemes, for example through their wholly-owned subsidiaries, investment subsidiaries as well as through joint ventures. Now, it is time for them to review the winning strategies for global expansion including the capital policies.
NRI provides consistent support in selecting target destinations, entering the market, and conducting restructuring.

Alliance execution support in market destinations

The consumer goods and service industries are distinct in that a part of their functions needs to be adjusted to the local customs as they are specific to consumers, and also because different business practices exist in each country and region.
Therefore, in many cases, alliances are needed with companies that have experience in the target countries and regions to provide necessary functions.
In doing so, it is necessary to clearly specify the expectations and the functions that you want from the other party and start negotiation to reach a consensus in the alliance scheme in accordance with your expectations.
NRI supports establishing a feasible system to conduct business operations ranging from formulation of alliance strategies and search and selection of alliance partner candidates, to provision of FA functions including basic agreement and terms negotiations.

Resolution of social issues by creating new service business plans and new business models

The business environment surrounding the consumer goods and service industries is facing drastic changes in the social and technology environment, such as the continuous progression of the aging and declining population, ICT innovations and incessant production of new online services. As Japan faces many social issues, the industries are expected to resolve such issues through their businesses.
Even in the declining trend, the market in Japan is still big. Development of businesses that help Japan resolve its social issues can be great opportunities for making profit.
Looking to the future of society and technology, NRI supports the commencement of business at the right time based on insight into new business opportunities.

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