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CRM, Marketing, Customer Experience, Contact Center and Direct Channel Reform

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Devising Customer Strategies, Reforming Points of Customer Contact

Many companies are working to transform their points of customer contact with an eye toward 10-20 years down the road. They are engaging in proof of concept (PoC) activities to test digitization, omni-channel strategies, AI, big data and other CRM and marketing technologies, and becoming “platformers” that provide a range of products and services in customers’ everyday lives.

NRI provides support at every step, from developing a customer strategy that serves as the vision for various efforts to reforming points of customer contact.

Customer Experience (CX) Concept Development and Promotion Support

A growing number of companies are engaging in customer experience management to identify customer expectations, deliver experiences that meet or exceed such expectations, and enhance their loyalty.

NRI offers comprehensive support in customer experience management, from defining a company’s unique CX, and identifying the function and roles necessary for companywide implementation, to creating a framework for all employees to understand, experience and carry out CX.

Support for Points of Customer Contact, Touchpoints and Channels

We offer support specific to individual points of customer contact, touchpoints, and channels. We perform diagnostics to identify challenges, develop the next concept for each channel, plan for systems setup and updates, carry out operational reforms, propose and implement inter-channel tie-ups, and propose and implement omni-channel strategies.

Marketing-related Consulting

We provide the following marketing consulting services:

  • Marketing research and STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning) proposal based on said research
  • Marketing 4P (product, price, promotion and place) strategy development
  • CRM concept and implementation support
  • Data analytics-linked marketing strategy proposal and policy promotion
  • Loyalty program-related support

NRI specialists include consultants who provide marketing-related support to various industries; consultants with expert knowledge of different industries; and consultants specialized in analytics and marketing-related systems and other functions.

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