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Contribute to global environment

Initiatives for the TCFD Final Report

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NRI’s initiatives regarding the TCFD Final Report

The NRI Group established our Sustainability Activities Committee to carry out initiatives a foundation upholding value co-creation in sustainability management by implementing initiatives related to sustainability management.
Because we consume a large amount of electric power—mainly at our data centers—the NRI Group acknowledges the importance of the effect electricity usage has on the climate. We announced that the NRI Group endorses the TCFD*1 Final Report (“TCFD”) in July 2018, and we are appropriately disclosing information based on the TCFD framework. Repeated discussions are being held in the Sustainability Activities Committee together with experts from the consulting business division, and in FY2018 we began publicly releasing information about our progress at the annual ESG Briefing*2.
In FY2018, we identified risks and opportunities throughout the NRI Group’s overall business. In FY2019, we conducted a scenario analysis for the data center business (which is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change) and calculated the financial impacts. Since FY 2020, targeting a different business every year, we have been conducting a scenario analysis to calculate the financial impact on each profit center.

Anticipated impacts on our businesses (opportunities and risks) [FY 2018]

Scenario analysis for the data center business [FY 2019]

Scenario analysis for the asset management solution business [FY 2020]

Scenario analysis for the consulting business [FY 2020]

Scenario analysis for the capital markets & wealth management solution business [FY 2021]

  • *1  

    TCFD: The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) was established by the Financial Stability Board, whose members include ministries of finance, financial regulatory agencies, and central bank governors from 25 major nations around the world. TCFD recommends that corporations disclose climate-related financial information, in formats such as major annual reports, so investors can make suitable investment decisions. TCFD asks that these reports disclose information on four themes about the risks that climate change poses to corporations, including governance, strategy, and risk management.

  • *2  

    ESG Briefing: The NRI Group holds its ESG Briefing so investors, analysts, and members of the media can understand our sustainability management and specific ESG-related initiatives. Refer to the website(

  • *3  

    Scenario: We are striving to conduct scenario analyses (analyses on how climate change could affect our business in the future) as recommend by TCFD. Regarding the 2°C or lower scenario and 1.5°C scenarios, the NRI Group utilizes the Sustainable Development Scenario in the World Energy Outlook 2018 released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 2.6 (low, stable scenario) from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In addition, as necessary, we utilize RCP 1.9 and use IPCC Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C (SR1.5) as a supplement. For the 4°C scenario, we use the IPCC’s RCP8.5 (high reference scenario) and IEA Stated Policies Scenario (STEPS).

  • *4  

    Renewable energy procurement cost: This scenario analysis utilizes two types of renewable energy procurement costs, supposing a case in which the price remains on the same level as today (Case 1), and a case in which the price falls until 2030 (Case 2). For the price on the same level as today, we added four yen to the past electric rate.

(This information is current as of 8/6/2022)

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