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Value Creation

Co-create an optimal society

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Co-create an optimal society through effective
utilization of its resources

2030 Goals Effectively utilize resources (such as human resources, public assets, IP) and recycle natural resources through the use of business PF and data analytics

Value Co-creation

Examples of Value Co-Creation Initiatives

In charge of overall coordination for the GX League initiative to form market rules geared toward achieving a decarbonized society

Carbon Tracing System(NRI-CTS): Visualize CO2 emissions throughout the entire supply chain

Utilizing the e-NINSHO identity verification service with My Number individual number card to support life insurers at innovating their operations and offering more sophisticated services

Commenced provision of “Support Service for Net -Zero CO2 Emissions of Investment and Financing Portfolios” for fi nancial institutions

We are conducting initiatives aimed at the realization of the Physical Internet gaining attention as a logistics system

We will promote market distribution of recycled materials through the traceability of materials using digital technology

We are engaged in the creation of systems for the visualization of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through changes in consumer behavior

Promoting eff orts toward the realization of digital government by creating usage scenarios for My Number

Contributing to improving the quality and productivity of call centers, which are the "face of the company" in the DX era

Joint development of an AI automatic analysis system for road crack inspection work together with our customers

Providing an innovative accident handling service that utilizes cuttingedge telematics technology

Contributing to the development of financial/capital markets in emerging Asian countries

Providing mechanisms that make students, parents, and university co-ops happy

NRI Group company ASG built a new core operations system for the Australian Bureau of Statistics

We help boost operational effi ciency with social platforms that support finance and business fi rms as well as the public sector

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