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Value Creation

Co-create a thriving future society

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Co-create a thriving future society through expansion of digital social capital

2030 Goals Derive value from excellent human capital and intellectual capital to expand digital social capital

Value Co-creation

Examples of Value Co-Creation Initiatives

NRI Dream Up the Future Forum : Consider the future of Japan and the world together with experts and specialists from inside and outside the company

Dokokani Byun!”- the new service that introduces travelers to destinations they hadn’t considered

ESG Risk Rating Information” for Australian investors

Using digital technology to optimize construction production processes will realize dramatic improvements in safety, productivity and environmental adaptability

We are engaged in smart city promotion and building digital government in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata

Started provision of the STAR Mobile Service enabling input of information and procedures in securities trading operations to be performed from a mobile devices

We are making proposals aimed at the expansion of employment opportunities through employment surveys and behavioral studies of seniors

Proceeding with initiatives to maximize value provided to customers by combining online and offl ine information

We are promoting digitalization of education in Western Australia

Providing Purpose Consulting that redefi nes the signifi cance of the existence of companies and organizations in society

Release of a completely online business package "InsDirect / MP" for mini insurance with diversifying needs

Commenced provision of NOMURA-BPI SDGs which are useful for evaluation and analysis of SDGs bonds

Issued Digital Asset Bonds and Digital Bonds as Japan's fi rst corporate bonds utilizing blockchain technology

Contributing to the provision of investment services that can be easily started with a smartphone and a small amount of funds

Helping to strengthen the relationship with store customers via a smartphone app

Conducted proof of concept using cutting-edge technology to achieve hospitality customized to individual user needs

Assisting the formulation of long-term strategies and visions for companies via support for the TCFD recommendations

Contributing to regional revitalization based on rich experience in digital technologies and regional/industrial development

Generating services that have true value for the service providers and users alike

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