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NRI Solutions for asset management firms

T-STAR Suite: Solutions for asset management firms

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Total support of asset management firms and pension funds. Used by many clients as an industry-standard infrastructure service for tasks such as NAV calculations.

NRI has been servicing for asset management firms

  • a track record of success for over 30 years
  • more than 1,200 global resources including partners

Key Features of T-STAR Suite


  • Research and analysis by experts
    • Research on regulations and system changes
    • Research on regulatory authorities and support for system design
    • Research on industry trends
  • Operation analysis and consulting including consultation for Japanese firms global expansion
  • Monthly research reports- "lakyara"
  • Yearly research reports- "Japan's Asset Management Business"


  • ASP solution with NRI's rock-solid data center

    Reducing cost and maximizing efficiency of operations

  • Fully compliant with Japan's most recent regulations
    Updated constantly to mitigate operational interference and burden
  • Fully integrated front-to-back solution
    Equipped with network with sell-side and investment data
  • Trusted in the industry with high customer satisfaction
    • T-STAR/TX has more than 80% of market share
    • 4 out of 5 grading on customer satisfaction survey


  • BPO(Business Process Outsourcing)service

    Reducing cost, maximizing efficiency and improving the quality of operations

  • 40% of outsourcing market share in Japan combined with T-STAR suite
  • BPO firm- "NRI Process Innovation, Ltd."
  • Outsourcing services for client reporting- "NRI Financial Graphics, Ltd."

T-STAR Suite Solution List

*bank and insurances Investment
Scope Region
Solution Mutual funds Non-
funds *
Pension Front Middle Back Japan Outside of Japan
T-MONOLIX Cloud framework  
T-STAR/TX Back-office solution for mutual funds        
T-STAR/RX Back-office solution for non-mutual funds        
SYNTAX Network solution for data disclosure          
T-STAR/GX Front and middle-office solution  
T-STAR/GV Global IBOR Solution  
Client reporting solution for EDINET          
Investment Advisory
Solution for creating advisory reports        
FundWeb GAITO Network system for foreign domiciled funds sales        
FundWeb Transfer Network system for mutual funds sales        
FundWeb Library Document management solution for mutual funds          
SmartBridge Network system for STP securities trading      
SmartBridge Advance STP platform solution    
IDS (Integrated Data Services) Financial database  
BPO NRI Process Inovation, Ltd.    
PMO Global system implementation    


T-STAR Suite has been named "Best Outsourcing Provider" by FTF News for its 2016 Technology Innovation Awards.
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