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NRI America

Since 1967, it has been providing a wide range of services for global clients. The research and consulting division is experienced in benchmarking for American companies and U.S. industrial trend research, M&A support and US market entry support for non-local companies. Securities solution division provides state-of-the-art post-trade solutions for international financial institutions while IT solutions and delivery division provides onsite operation support services. Financial and technology research division gives strategic advices for financial institutions and hundreds of lectures and presentations every year in U.S., Europe and Asia.

Major Projects

Consultation on the energy and infrastructure industries

  • Strategies for market entry into the U.S. smart grid market
  • Development strategies for the urban energy infrastructure
  • Market research on the U.S. natural gas market

Consultation on automobile and other manufacturing industries

  • Support for the M&A of an automotive parts manufacturer
  • Study on automobile semiconductors
  • Study on telematics and M2M markets

Consultation on the service and finance industries

  • Development of e-commerce and retail strategies in the U.S.
  • Benchmarking of major department stores in the U.S.
  • Case study on the cost reduction of U.S. banks
  • Study on SNS strategies of U.S. financial institutions

Consultation on the ICT industries

  • Study on big data trends in the U.S.
  • Study on promising startups in the U.S.

Support for market entry in Central and South America

  • Strategies for entry into South America's infrastructure market
  • Study on the market environment of South America's construction industry

Financial Solutions

  • Post trade processing system for US self-clearing broker and primary dealer
  • International settlement, clearing and corporate action processing system

Financial and Technology Research Division

  • Study on transformation of US brokers into goals-based wealth management firms
  • Fundamental studies on blockchain

IT Solutions and Delivery Division

  • Project management for implementation of Global Trading system for Asset Management Company
  • Proprietary back-office application development for Asset Management Company
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