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NRI Seoul

NRI Seoul office opened in April 1995, and became a local subsidiary of NRI in January 2013.
NRI Seoul has been helping major Korean companies conduct business acquisitions and formulate strategies for real estate control and business management.
It also provides consulting services to local government institutions.

Major Projects

Consultation on business strategies

  • Formulation of the mid-to-long term growth strategies for automobile manufacturers
  • Formulation of strategies for entry into the composite materials business in the petrochemical field
  • Formulation of strategies for new advanced material businesses in the textile field
  • Support for a beverage company in new product development based on consumer needs

Support for Korean companies in overseas business expansion

  • Promotion of internationalization of medical equipment and services
  • Support for global expansion and deployment of electrical appliances
  • Formulation of sales strategies in the electronic device market in Korea
  • Formulation of business diversification strategies in the Korean pharmaceutical market for foreign companies

Consultation on regional development and real estate development

  • Support for the purchase of offices in Tokyo
  • Formulation of business strategies for a joint development project
  • Formulation of strategies for integrated management of group-owned assets
  • Formulation of plans concerning cooperation between Korea and Japan in the business in third countries

Various analysis and researches

  • Study on finance schemes in the SC development of emerging countries
  • Study on the U.S. finance market
  • Study and analysis of the Korean market (finance, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, data center, etc.)

NRI Shanghai

NRI Shanghai was established as a local subsidiary of NRI in May 2002.
It helps Japanese companies formulate business and marketing strategies and improve personnel management.
NRI Shanghai has experience in supporting about 40 Chinese local governments in envisioning mid-to-long term development as well as regional and industrial development strategies.
It also provides a wide range of consulting services for Chinese companies

Major Projects

Formulation of business and marketing strategies

  • Support for formulation of a sales network (automobile manufacturer)
  • Support for sales network management (automobile manufacturer)
  • Support for formulation of R&D management strategies (automobile manufacturer)
  • Formulation of marketing strategies in the health business in China (daily necessities and miscellaneous goods)
  • Support for improvement of store operation skills and leadership (convenience store)
  • Support for formulation of a mid-term management plan (pharmaceuticals)
  • Support for industry demand forecast and formulation of mid-term strategies (trading company)
  • Support for establishing new business models (electronics device manufacturer)

Support for reform on business administration and personnel management

  • Organization diagnosis and awareness study
  • Designing of a control function in China and reform on headquarters' functions
  • Support for personnel system reform
  • Support for development of a personnel system, localization, and fostering of executives
  • Support for a sales reform
  • Support for operational process reforms
  • Support for risk management

Strategies for urban and regional development

  • Mid-to-long term development policies and strategic plans for entire cities (local governments, etc.)
  • Support for formulation and implementation of development strategies and plans for the entire industry (local governments, development districts, governments, etc.)
  • Support for formulation and implementation of the environment and energy policies (local governments, district governments, etc.)
  • Support for formulation and implementation of development strategy plans of major areas (comprehensive transportation hubs, airport areas, CBD areas, etc.) (local governments, district governments, development districts governments, leading developers, etc.)
  • Support for formulation and implementation of development planning, strategies, and basic plans of major commercial complexes, sightseeing areas and resort areas (local governments, leading developers, etc.)

Nomura Research Institute - Tsinghua University China Research Center

Established jointly with Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, the research center enhances our understanding of Chinese economy and society as well as industry policies. The center exchanges information with government officials and researchers who are involved in national policy planning.

NRI Taiwan

Established as branch in 1995, NRI Taiwan became a local subsidiary of NRI in November 2012.
NRI Taiwan has continued to help Japanese companies enter the market in Taiwan in cooperation with Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. NRI Taiwan offers consulting services for industrial policies and regional development.
For Japanese companies, it provides consulting services such as research on the industries and corporations in Taiwan and the Greater China region, the support for the selection of business alliance partners between Japanese and Taiwanese companies, and the support for negotiations for business alliance and acquisitions.

Major Projects

Support for business alliance with or acquisition of Taiwanese companies

  • Support for selecting a high-tech electronic components manufacturer as a joint venture partner
  • Support for considering investment in media related companies
  • Basic review for the acquisition of a retail and distribution related company
  • Business due diligence regarding acquisition of a Taiwanese company (manufacturer)
  • Business due diligence for the acquisition of a Taiwanese company (non-manufacturer)
  • Support for selecting a high-tech materials provider as a business partner in Taiwan

Consultation on market entry in Taiwan and business strategies

  • Support for Japanese companies in entering Taiwanese market [Japan Desk] (free service provided in collaboration with Taiwanese government)
  • Support for entry into the real estate business in Taiwan
  • Support for the entry into the wellness market in Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Support for the entry into the EC market in Taiwan
  • Support for the entry into the retail and distribution markets in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Consultation on industrial policies and regional development

  • Formulation of the mid-to-long term plans for the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • Formulation of the mid-to-long term plans for the Port of Taipei
  • Planning for the public housing scheme of Taipei City using the PFI approach
  • Formulation of the radio-frequency range utilization plan in Taiwan
  • WiMax license auction
  • Support for internationalization of the service industry in Taiwan
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