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Moscow Branch

Established in October 2008, Moscow Branch supports industrial and regional development in coordination with the Russian government. It also helps Japanese companies develop strategies for business and market entry.

Major Projects

Industry research, market research, and marketing

  • Study on purchasing power and consumer propensity of the urban middle tier
  • Study on the forest and wood processing industries in the Far Eastern region of Russia
  • Study on the demand for processing machines in rural areas
  • Study on local dealer networks of machine products

Consultation on the entry into Russian market and the business strategies

  • Development of strategies for the sales channel cultivation of machinery, facilities, and components
  • Development of strategies for entry into markets in the food and consumer goods industries
  • Support for decision making of Japanese companies in the implementation of local production and processing
  • Current situation of the government policies on information and communications and search of business opportunities for Japanese companies

Consultation on industrial policies and regional development

  • Formulation of concept for the Moscow City 2025 development strategy
  • Development of concept and attraction of an industrial park
  • Development of cluster formation plans for specific industries
  • Formulation of development plans for infrastructure of local industries and transportation

h&z Management Consulting

h&z Management Consulting, NRI’s business partner, is headquartered in Munich, Germany with 100 employees. It provides global companies such as Siemens, BMW and BASF with various research and consulting in strategies and administration.

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