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Transportation and Logistics

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The transportation and logistics sectors are facing various challenges, including the globalization of the economy and global deregulation.

NRI supports private transportation, logistics firms, and government offices with the establishment and implementation of strategies, promoting business model reforms.

Consulting Areas

Restructuring of the Transportation and Logistics Industries

Major industry changes are steadily occurring in transportation and logistics, including the progress of airline liberalization, the rise of LCCs, and growing competition among airlines, railways, and highway buses over high-speed transportation services. All of this is leading to rapid evolution of the industry.

Meanwhile, leading manufacturers are further deepening and expanding their supply chains. In order to respond to these trends, the logistics industry is also restructuring beyond the boundaries of traditional business types and categories.

NRI provides consistent restructuring support, from formulation and execution to establishment of strategies through creation of growth tactics, along with support for M&A.

Overseas expansion

In Asian emerging markets, improvement of social infrastructures such as railways, airports, harbors, and roads are often far behind the comparative economic growth of the region. Although improvement in infrastructure in these countries is a matter of urgency, it requires significant budget. Accordingly, the Public Private Partnership (PPP) has been gradually introduced to use private operators as a means of funding.

NRI supports overseas business expansion, including the formulation of business models and strategies of alliances with local partners, with a perspective of PPP.

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