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Business IT

Business IT contributes to your business expansion directly. NRI implement its “Navigation X Solution” business model in which consulting and IT solutions run side by side to devise and promote Business IT.

Corporate IT

In 1979, NRI created the ordering system for Seven-Eleven Japan. Then, in 1982, NRI created and operated Japan’s first full-scale POS system in the retail industry, providing a system to support 24/7 convenience stores.

POS systems are not only used in distribution, but also in the home delivery and manufacturing industries. These systems embody high added value for customers, leading to innovation of business models and expansion beyond the boundaries of industries, demonstrating NRI’s unique vision and ability to create dynamic value.


Your growth is our future. Assisting your global expansion, we grow with you. NRI provides one-stop solution and support by incorporating innovative business models and the latest technologies.