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Global Practice Group Automotive

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What is GPG-Auto

At NRI, consultants from various NRI offices/regions work together to promote consulting and independent research activities for major industries. These working teams are called “GPG = Global Practice Group”.
Among GPG, the automotive group has the largest history. It operates in 13 countries and regions, with a focus on Japan with professional consultants. In a project, NRI assigns the best consultant based on the customer's needs and provide the best team to support the project.

Major project achievements of GPG-Auto

GPG-Auto international presentations

GPG-Auto conduct independent research on hot issues of automobiles from time to time in addition to project implementation every year. Members actively present their own research results at international conferences.
We cover a wide range such as interviews, articles, publications, press releases of independent research results, seminar lectures from TV, newspapers and magazines. More than 70 automotive related presentations done in the year 2017.

NRI “Knowledge Creation and Integration”
Automobile edition

India SIAM (Automobile Manufacturers Association)
Convention Paper
NRI receives certification as a knowledge partner from SIAM. We have made proposals for the development of Indian automobile industry, including contributing discussion to Convention Paper of SIAM General Assembly.

World Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Conference, Shanghai
Conference related to autonomous driving and connected car held in Shanghai. NRI participated as a representative of Japan along with the chief of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to China etc. NRI also made recommendations on the concept of autonomous driving society.

Collaboration with major research institutes

GPG-Auto actively collaborate with major research institutes in various countries. We do collaborative research presentations with German VDI/VDE-IT (technology/engineering think tank), China CIAD (China International Association for Urban and Rural Development), DRC (Development Research Center of the State Council). We are also studying the implementation of big data analysis to automotive business in collaboration with AutoNavi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Alibaba Group) in China where digitization is spreading through the Society at a stretch in the private enterprise.

Debates with China CIAD, DRC

Collaborative research with Germany VDI/VDE-IT


Here from three viewpoints we list the facts achieved through NRI's practice and the subsequent knowledge gained.

Global Practice Group Automotive

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